The start of my blogging career.

Thank you for joining my blog and hopefully reading my very first blog post.

Who am I you might ask; and the answer is very simple; I am a middle aged (41) father of 3 boys living with my wife in central Copenhagen.

As a person I am very inspired by the financial independence movement, and I basically want to retire from corporate “Denmark” as soon as possible. However this continues to prove struggling to me, given the fact that, as I mentioned have 3 boys, a wife, a car, and aparrently live in the worlds 7th (I think it was) most expensive city. Right up there with New York.

Furthermore, I think it is vital that we start changing our consumption patterns and reduce our carbon footprint in the world, in order to hand over a somewhat inhabitable earth to our kids. Sometimes, this goes very much hand in hand with my goal of early retirement, but a lot of times it also proves very hard, and leaves me with choices that are not easily taken.

Hence I subscribe to all forms of minimalistic movements, sustainability movements, and financial independent movements. Unfortunately for me, this sometimes collides with the materialistic dreams of 3 boys (aged 11, 8, 2 1/2) and a wife that is very fond of danish furniture design. Who is this Finn Juel anyways?


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