Saving carbon emission and money – the LED lightbulb

Numbers. There are big numbers and there are small numbers. There are financial numbers, and there are environmental numbers. Which are the more important ones.

I am torn by this question. I want my financial freedom. I want to save money but I also want to save the environment. I think we all have a moral duty to do what we can in order limit our carbon emissions and the carbon footprint we plant on this earth.

Change will be necessary. Change is needed. Change will benefit the future generations. Every gram of carbon emission we can crowd out of our energy systems will be needed.

That is why I really want the Philips Hue Ambiance starter kit. I want the 25.000 hours durability. I want the gadgety feeling of speaking to Siri when I want to turn off the lights. I want to save the 100 DKK pr lightbulb I switch. I want to save the world, and the future of my kids.

The only problem in this equation is that my wife doesn’t …WTF…😳💸💸💸.

The thing is that I cannot persuade her that LED’s nowadays are as good as the old ones. That they have the same warmth, kelvin and r, or what ever it is called. That they are just better in every sense and on every parameter. That they will save us money – more money the more we buy – and save the environment. That we will at least have some answer when our kids ask us – what did you do when faced with global scale climate change.

I just really want to ask Siri to save us all; and save 100 DKK doing so.

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