The broken tv, non-affiliate marketing and Marie Kondo

So the plan is clear right – earn money, save money, invest money. Inch by inch crawl closer and closer to that day when you think you have enough money in the bank to quit the day time job.

Watch your investments go higher and higher, while at the same time keep your focus on holding your cost down. Both your own cost, the cost of the children and the cost of your wife.

Dont buy to consume, but buy good products with long durability. Don’t throw away products that can find use elsewhere, and be an active part of the sharing economy.

Mind you though; don’t pile up everything that you are no longer using, as Marie Kondo will have to come by to de-clutter your life.

We try to do all that. We are even aligned on it my wife and I. But once in a while life will hit you and throw a wedge in the wheel. This is what happened a while back to use, as our perfectly fine LED flatscreen turned black.

A quick examination – not of the product- but of the purchase papers and warranty confirmed my suspicion. It was just out of warranty. 📺🛠💸

As this is early stages of my blogging career, I am not yet participating in any affiliate marketing schemes, so please consider this as a non-affiliate marketing blog post as I will mention the product manufacturer here.


Funny thing is, that I have actually always sworn by another tv producer, which I will obviously not mention before my affiliate scheme is in place. We had an old version of their flat screen previously and it is still going strong in one of the kids rooms serving as a PlayStation 4 screen. Only reason we bought the new one was because we had been re-arranging the furniture in our living room and there was a spot that would just nicely fit a new 49″ screen.

I know what you are thinking – slim down, save the money and go without a tv for a while. This was also what my wife and I were thinking but as you have observed from the blog name we are 5 in the family and the break down happened just before Christmas and the World Cup in Men’s handball was kicking off. I couldn’t care less but my oldest (11) sure did not agree to the scenario of being off the cable.

So to keep a long blog post short – a new tv was purchased, still keeping the broken one in the unlikely event that I am somehow able to google my way to how to replace a condensator or power transmission in a PHILIPS screen. Sorry Marie Kondo 🤔

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