Homesteading on the 4th floor

When I grew up on the country side in rural 🇩🇰 Denmark 🇩🇰 both of my grandparents had rather large vegetable gardens. My father and mother also had a rather big one for many years.

I love the concept of vegetable gardens.

I love the whole concept of producing you own organic crops, eating vegetables and fruit fresh off the ground and from trees. Teaching your kids about sustainable production and giving them an understanding of where things come from (other then China) just seems like a good idea. I love the idea of producing your own food and contributing to keeping the food budget down.

What’s not to like.

Now however, I live on the fourth/fifth floor in central Copenhagen. Not so much place for a vegetable garden.

That is why I am so fond of the urban gardening concept. It promises almost the same thing as my childhood memories but on limited space. I have tried this concept for many years now, and I cant exactly say I have gotten very good at it.

Our apartment boasts a 4m balcony and a 10m2 terrace. I should be way better. The thing is however, that both places faces north, and at danish longitude/latitude this is not perfect.

It often starts out with good prospects. At first sunlight in spring, I usually start preparing what ever plan I have for the year. More often then not though, it ends in a somewhat limited success. Things fail to sprout. It dies of lack of water because we went somewhere for a couple of days, or some weird bugs are suddenly to find all over the plants. Gradually over the years I have learned to lower my expectations. This year I have slimmed then all the way down to the two tomato plants in the picture. Planning 2 cucumber plants as well, and the odd one out – a watermelon plant. Must have something that will excite the kids. I just know it will die though.

Still with the lowered expectations and limited prospects, hubris still sets in. So much that I just found my self googling – “crop yield of tomato plants” and according to google it is something like 10 pounds pr. tomato plant.

This information is growing on me – more and more. Google even said the price is something like 3-6$ pr pound. I am looking at a potential tomato harvest worth 60-120$. Go plants go.

I am super excited for the year. My boys will feast on homegrown tomatoes.

Now they just have to make it through Easter, when we will be away.

Will do a blog update later in the year.

120$ – dollars that is. 💵💵 – keeping them cost down.

PS. I use the Elho antracite balcony planter with a build in water reservoir for my urban window gardening.

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