Portfolio Update #1

No financial blog with out an update on the financial portfolios performance, so let’s dwell with the numbers a bit.

And what better day to do this then the day where the portfolio for the first time hit a magical number – at least if you are a Dane.

2m DKK. Thank you. This will roughly translate to 320k $ for the global audience out there.

As you know I currently have 2 renewables energy investments under my belt. Only one of them is a regular limited holding corporation visible in my stock depot. It is however an unlisted stock, so no wild share price movements in this one.

Another unlisted stock is an investment in a real estate fund, of similar size.

So all in all a rough 230k $ is currently invested in unlisted shares. I will get back to these investments in later blog posts.

Besides these investments my current strategy is to build a portfolio of high dividend shares, as I generally think a lot of shares are too expensively prices. Also remembering that the ultimate goal is to build a portfolio which will generate enough passive income to retire on it seems like a prudent strategy to go for high earnings/high dividends.

So the listed shares I currently have in my portfolio is the following;

Danske Bank – avg around 138 (6.9%)

G4S – avg 16.3 (5,28%)

Nordea – avg 58.9 (9,87%)

Sydbank – avg 152 (6.55%)

B of O Holding B – avg 97.5

above list shows my average share prices, as well as the shares current dividend yield. All of them above 5%, and nordea significantly above right now.

Dividends are currently being paid out, – it’s spring time – and also the dividends on the unlisted shares are expected sometime in May. All dividends will be re-invested along with any additional savings from my/our savings. Proceeds will be reinvested in 1-2 new holdings, which I am currently prospecting for.

So any good ideas out there with high dividend yields and out side banking sector, please feel freed to comment.

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That would really be helpful, as I am trying to write this blog anonymously. Thank you 🙏.

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