What happened to those Micro Adventures

Remember some years back, when Micro Adventures we’re suddenly a thing. I love the concept. It’s great. But somehow it seems it was kinda forgotten again.

I think the concept deserves to get a renaissance in these times of austerity and sustainable living.

If you have followed my blog, by now you will know of my interests in personal finance, keeping costs down, sustainable living and limiting our carbon emissions. With in my philosophy of life, the micro adventure fits right in.

It turns out, that it was actually a British adventurer who invented the concept. See background info on wiki below;


See; it’s not something I’m making up, it’s actually a thing.

My own little family headed for our vacation home for the Easter. It’s in northern Jutland. Not much there to do but to enjoy the nature, visiting family and planning out those Micro Adventures. They will also usually keep costs down.

Today the course was set for a forest playground with our three boys.

Spend a couple of hours there, before we went to nearby fishers village for some 2nd hand browsing. The wife found some knitting pins, and I spend most of the time saying no to the boys; no – you cannot have the 2nd hand gaming chair. No – we cannot have ice creams, no – we shall not have spare ribs for lunch at the local diner.

A good idea for those Micro Adventures is to bring a primus lite for making coffee or a light meal.

All in all a good day of keeping costs down.

Yesterday we also had a good micro adventure to the local library, and we saved a ton of money by getting haircuts for all boys at a local hairdresser, as opposed to having it done in Copenhagen.

We will postpone the hiking trip from lyngby to lodbjerg lighthouse (5km) to another day a bit warmer.

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