My top 9 products to help keep costs down.

Let’s face it, keeping daily costs down is not an easy task, and living in a city you are surrounded by possibilities and opportunities. Possibilities that will help your money crawl out of your pocket.

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Luckily there are some things that can be done in order to remedy some of these trends. These are my favorite products to help you keep your family’s daily costs down.

The Mocca Master  – Let’s face it, coffee is a daily necessity almost ranking among the human rights for some of us. So much so, that if the urge for coffee is not controlled it can make a severe cut into any budget. Especially if you live in the worlds 7th most expensive city. This is why I rely and thrust on my Mocca Master.

The Thermos King – Not much introduction needed. The necessary side kick for the Mocca Master. Will enable to-go coffee. Take that Starbucks.

The Kenwood Chef XL – That trusted kitchen appliances with the top notch durability and endurance for all your baking efforts. With a big enough bowl to let the dough radise in it and prevent you to get sticky fingers.

✅ The bike – really just any bike. If you live in a city just get one. For yourself, and the family. Small kids you say – just get the Christiana bike.

The Sodastream – A must have in a family with many kids. And also means we don’t have to carry soda/sparkling water to the fourth floor. We just use it for sparkling water.

The Ice Cream set – stop buying, and start making you own. Much cheaper, and free of all the weird additives.

The Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit – the cheapest and cleanest energy is the one that is not used at all. Just switch to the LED .

The BabyLiss Hair Trimmer – I am a guy, I have three boys. A good hair trimmer is essential. Will keep barber/hairdresser cost down.

The Car Cooler box – I know, you shouldn’t have a car in the first place, but now that you do, do try to keep your cost down when you go on trips with the family by bringing lunch boxes and cool beverages.

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