Confessions of a shopaholic

Hi my name is xxx…and I am a shopaholic.

I’ll tell you, trying to combine a minimalistic approach to life with being a husband and father of three is not easy.

Today I had to buy something, as tomorrow is our anniversary (12.5 year – big thing in Denmark) and half way to the silver wedding. Sorry, here I already know I will be stigmatized by half the audience. (you’re late man!)

There are times when you just have to shed your own convictions and succumb to the expectation of other people in order to not risk the alternative – being viewed as a cheap scrooge. !.

So what to buy – jewelry is the obvious choice, but I recon I am a bit too late on this one, as it really takes a bit of planning. Also, I have this deal with my self, that for every child we have had, I have given my wife a custom made ring. So she has three of such by now, and our wedding ring on top. (It’s gotta be enough -dough)

Lingerie – too corny by now, for someone who has been married 12.5 years, and been in a relationship for 20! (Yikes)

Lately she has talked a lot about the Beoplay H9i, as she has started listening to a lot of podcasts about zero waste, minimalism, and financial independence.

So my thinking is that combining a minimalistic danish design approach, with product durability will be enough to hone my buying sinning, and retain a sliver of that minimal lifestyle.

I’m so screwed….

PS. Talking about weddings and relationships, another good idea is to sign up for free for the audiable romance trial which you can use hand in hand with your new beoplay.

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