Failing on minimalism

Minimalism….the holy grail of our 21st century, that lures you with all its promises.

💵Cut down your cost

🥡Cut down your waste

🧼Clean up and declutter you home

🛍Free your self from earthly belongings

🦶Reduce your carbon foot-print and help save the planet

I am all for minimalism as you know. I think it is the right moral imperative and a genuinely good life compass to adapt. My motivations are mainly related to the financial ones as I want to become financially independent and the best way to do that in my view is to keep your cost down.

So how do you fail at minimalism and how do you know when you have failed at it.

Well obviously on one end of the spectrum there are all the ways you might overspend – new product, new appliance, new clothes, etc etc.

On the other end there is the possibility of not buying anything at all. That’s what happened at our family last week.

I hear you; that’s not failing at minimalism you might go. And I tend to agree with you.

Problem is though, that when your wife all of the sudden gets all hooked up one the whole zero waste movement, listening to podcasts about it, reading books about it and just gets that heureka moment this is what we need to do.

Initially yes – I hear you woman. Reducing plastic waste, reducing waste in general, even finding a general store where you can bring your own containers to take your products home in. I am in principle with you. – Not really liking the cost level of the non waste store though (yikes).

But combining a non thought through zero waste plan with minimalism in general and having three kids then you have a recipe for mutiny. 2 weeks in, and our fridge was completely empty, our fruit stand down to a single last grapefruit, and 3 boys 👶👶👶 that were not liking it.

For now, we have had to reorder our grocery deliveries, while we reorganize and do a bit more of planning. What do we take out of the grocery shopping list and why?

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2 thoughts on “Failing on minimalism

  1. The picture made me laugh 🙂 I think success in life is about making micro adjustments and optimizing whatever goal you’re pursuing. As they say “live and learn”


  2. I find myself getting into these eureka moments as well. My husband calls me obsessive when I get hooked on an idea or project. I’ve been following the minimalist idealism since 2017 and I totally get what you’re saying – it’s hard to implement it in modern society. There’s temptations everywhere. And with a toddler, stuff seems to keep coming into our house. My husband still likes buying things and I’m finding it hard to keep stuff out our house.


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