Something is rotten in the state of Denmark 🇩🇰

2019 and it is election year in Denmark.

Having endured a liberal/nationalist right government for the last 4 years, I think now is the time a lot of people have been waiting for. The potential winds of change have finally arrived, now it just needs to happen.

I have been debating with myself if I should do a blog post about the election. Is it too political? Is is too controversial? Will I alienate half of my blog readers? Will my small blog piece be completely overrun by Russian trolls, Fox fake news and all sorts of other pundits.

On the other hand I think it might be an important contribution to my global audience to write a bit about what the average middle class family in Denmark is thinking in 2019. In a world where Trump reigns across the Atlantic, the brits are leaving the union, the UN nearly says we don’t have more time to postpone action if we want to keep average temperature increases below 2 degrees, and common politics across the spectrum is devoted to keeping migrants out. In this world I think we as voters need to reflect a little bit on the choices we are about to make.

In a world where we as Danes can no longer look our selves in the mirror and claim to hold the moral high ground any more. Where empathy, equality, understanding and acceptance of other peoples views and beliefs are slowly draining from our society.

Times are a changing, and the danish society is by and large more split and torn between the very left and the very right. The coherence, progressiveness, and foresight we used to pride is largely gone. The pole position we held for so many years within renewables energy is slowly being lost, and advances in these areas are not being driven from here. We are sorry.

To me this election is very much a green election. A climate election. I know change needs to happen at the individual level, especially within our responses to potential climate change. However this has to be an election where it is also recognized, that for societies at large to change, and to counter the threats, and shoulder the burden equally, a certain degree of political will and backing is also needed.

So who does the average minimalistic family from the upper middle class vote for in the 2019 danish election. Well, in the absence of any Greta Thunberg or even Bernie Sanders, I am going center and I am going green with the choice of the Alternative Party’s Uffe Elbæk.

The choice has been made, now I just have to make it through the next month of right and leftists political debates.

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