How I manage to blog with 3 kids and a full-time job

I know what you are thinking – this guy is a hoax, right.

How can any one with a full time job, a wife and 3 kids, an apartment and a vacation home, find time to also run a blog?

Finding time in a packed calendar can be a difficult task, and building out a blogging site can seem like a rather big engagement as time is finite for almost all people.

First thing I did was to quickly produce a number of posts during my first two weekends of blogging, and then building on that in the first Easter vacation that came up right after. This produced a decent blog site that doesn’t look half built or “empty”. Nobody wants to visit an “empty” blog. Having a decent back catalogue will also bring additional views for visitors that you bring in, as they will be reading more posts then the original one they meant to read.

This is important for your own self esteem initially, as nothing will kill a blogging career quicker then a dead site. Why bother right?

Back to my family time; As I can’t be blogging when I am at work, and can’t blog when I am sleeping, there is really only the few hours left from 17 to 22.30 when I go to bed. In this period we also prepare dinner, and tuck in 3 boys. Luckily our youngest is 2 1/2, and tucking him in can easily take anywhere between 20 min and 1 hour and 20 min. So now with the ease of an IPhone 6s, and my right thumb my entire blogging site has been created in the dark bedroom when tucking in our youngest. I write, copy, paste, find pictures, prepare links, save, edit and everything else in roughly an hour in my bedroom.

The creative process takes place the whole day, and when ever I get a good topic for a post, I quickly take out the phone, open the WordPress app and writes a good catchy headline under the drafts section. This will then be processed in the evening.

So all in all, not really much to it – happy blogging.

/Minimal5 dad.

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That would really be helpful, as I am trying to write this blog anonymously. Thank you 🙏.

3 thoughts on “How I manage to blog with 3 kids and a full-time job

  1. I totally empathize and am also juggling long work days and family commitments. Good tip capturing ideas on the iPhone


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