Vacation planning 2019

I have been wanting to do this post for some time now, but as we haven’t got around to actually do the planning before now it hasn’t been quite possible.

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Vacation time is always a bit tricky. Our kids have 6-7 weeks off from school and we adults usually have 3 weeks of vacation. Do the math, and obviously that doesn’t quite add up, so the dilemma every year is; what to do with the kids in the weeks when they have vacation and we do not? And obviously – what to do together in the 3 weeks we have together.

Furthermore, at the same time I foresee expenses flying left and right for a 6 week period, if not somewhat controlled. (Yikes).

The easy choice would off course be to just book a charter vacation to Greece, Spain or similar, but I am actually at a point in my life where I hate airports. It’s super stressful with 3 kids. There is so much waiting. Checking in, waiting, security, waiting, gate, waiting, sweating, waiting, boarding, sitting and waiting, waiting for luggage….etc, know the drill. Want to do something different. Also it’s kinda expensive with 3 kids in the high season. So all in all a definetely no-go for us.

So this year, we will be driving to the lovely camping ⛺️ site Camping Lido in Lazise at Lake Garda. Settled for a mobile home there for 7 nights. Not quite as exotic as the front picture on the blog post, but very idyllic as you can see below.

We will be driving down there. Not quite as eco friendly as taking the train, but at least it’s not a flight. But with 5 persons in the car, I guess average emissions will be low enough for us to not get acute climate anxiety. It will be a total of 1400 km, in roughly 14 hours as you can see below. So far we are undecided if we should do an all night drive or do a longer trip including a sleep over somewhere in Germany.

We will most likely bring some food, do some cooking our selves, and do some nights out. It is vacation after all. Kids will be fine with the 3 pools that are at the camping site, and then we will force them to visit a couple of wineries with us. 🍷. Wii vino.

Vacation reading for me this year will be to finish John Steinbeck – The grapes of wrath, which I started on our last vacation. (!). So far an excellent book on people’s hardships during the grand recession of the thirties.

My wife tells me to tell you guys that her vacation reading is limited to what is availiable at the local libery upon departure, but she is hoping for Early retirement extreme or Rich Dad Poor Dad

When going home we will be going to our vacation home in Jutland where we will be spending the remainder of our 3 weeks. Cost friendly, eco friendly, family friendly. . Then we will most likely ditch the kids with their grandmother for a weeks vacation with her, rotate them over to the other set of grandparents, and then summer vacation will be almost over and time to go back to school.

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