How I made 1$ blogging

Passive income – the holy grail of F.IR.E.

Lean back, kick your feet up, and enjoy that steady stream of income hitting your PayPal account while zipping Pina Coladas at the pool bar. Sounds intriguing right. Well, news flash – get ready to work hard for that steady stream of income.

Admitted, I could have chosen a different topic then financial independence to blog about, but hay that is what interests a middle aged father these days. Monetizing that interest through WordAds on my blog definitely harder then the hipster blogging crowd will have you think.

But as of today I can proudly proclaim that my blogging career looks set on the right path to provide a helpful steady stream of income through which I will be able to retire a bit earlier.

So with no further ado, I give you – the first – whole – dollar (1$ that is) through my blogging career

It only took around a month and a half, required 1.601 visitors with 2.488 page views on 21 blog posts and serving of 13.889 ads to get there.

But hey, they say the first one is the hardest right 😃🙏

Please help my efforts, by liking my blog posts, visiting my blog on or liking/sharing my Facebook page on

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