9 essentials for the camping trip

Planning a little getaway for the weekend even including the kids and the spouse, but feeling repelled by the cost outlook, the carbon footprint associated, and the inflation of material expectations of your kids.

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For me, living the city life with 3 boys, it does require a bit of planning and stamina, to make sure that we don’t waste all of our time playing fortnite.

Escaping the city and venturing out to the countryside/wilderness once and a while can really power the batteries up again. Being prepare and organized just makes everything that much easier and in the end – fun.

I have collected a list of essentials for the camping trip that will make sure your trip will be fun – both for you and your kids. Put the whole thing in a big camping box, and you are ready to go in no time.

Outwell Birdland 5 person tent – Get a decent tent, preferably with standing height. It will help pursuade the misses.

Hyke and Byke sleeping bag – Dont go down on sleep. Even the best man needs it, so get a decent sleeping bag. You will not regret it.

Seatopia selfinflating sleeping pad – No one wants to wake up sore. This is the bare minimum. Alternatively bring a mattress for longer durations.

Trangia ultralight gas stove camping set – Be prepared to feed those hungry kids. Or just yourself. Don’t bring too much though. Just the essentials.

Rechargable LED camping light with USB – Get through those scary nights with this clever LED camping light which will also serve as an additional powerbank for your phone.

Thermos stainless steel beverage bottle  – The trusted coffee container. Fill it up when you leave home. Bring Nescafé as well.

Coleman outdoor dinnerware set – Be civilized when you dine. Easy to pack and will serve 4.

Collapsible water carrier bag  – water – for cooking and drinking. And the additional coffee needed on day 2.

Leatherman Multitool – Just in case something needs fixing or repairing

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