Minimal laundry day – I love thee.

It’s that time of the week.

The big laundry day. 🧺

Or should I say the minimal laundry day now that the minimal 5 family is actively trying to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Somehow though, I am kind of getting the feeling that the efforts is not really kicking in though.

Having come out of a busy week, with basically no time to do a laundry during the week, it has kind of build up for the weekend. Deciding to do the bed linnen as well definitely did not help to reduce the burden.

Luckily the 3 kids we have, are three boys, so that helps keeping the amount of dirty clothes down a bit. Not so much because they don’t produce dirty clothes, but because if you forget to tell them to change clothes, then they will just go on with the same set all week. Especially our middle one seems to have cracked the minimalistic laundry code. His box is the right one. 😷

I try to keep it down, by using same pants to work for multiple days, but recon I have to change my shirt every day.

Also, with a toddler in the house it does build up, so in total I guess for the week it adds up to 1 bed linnen, 2 dark, 1 cotton, 1 shirts, and potentially more, but this was today’s mountain we had to climb.

We do hang it out to dry, but unfortunately we only have room for one wash on the string, so cannot forego the dryer completely.

What are your best advise to keep laundry down?

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2 thoughts on “Minimal laundry day – I love thee.

  1. I am in the US & am one of the very few in my town who hardly uses the dryer. I hang shirts on hangers in the doorways. When I need extra hanging space indoors, I use an extra rod in my tub/shower area. Sometimes I use a tension rod in the door & use pant hangers with clips for pants, socks, towels, wash cloths, even sheets. Raising 3 boys is fun & loud! At least my 3 were.

    Love your blog!


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