My minimalistic Scandinavian bathroom

This will not be my best blog post on achieving financial independence and early retirement, most likely the opposite.

Being in a family means that you will have to learn to both give and take. Sometimes you get your things, sometimes you don’t.

We live in a flat on the fourth floor. We have a small bathroom. Really small. Roughly 2 1/2 by 1 m. With toilet, sink and shower. It’s really small. And no window.

We also have three children. Need I say more. It was definitely time for some sort of upgrade.

Luckily we had the possibility to establish a new bathroom in our old kitchen, so after much considerations, debating and evaluation we set off roughly 6 months ago.

Establishing a new bathroom on the 4 floor of an old city apartment isn’t exactly the cheapest thing one can do, and for sure this will eat into some months of foregone retirement.

Did some of the demolition of the old kitchen, flooring and lofts myself, not a lot, but like to think I at least helped keep costs down a bit by doing that.

On the upside though, as both danish design and our style and taste is quite minimalistic, at least I have that to comfort myself by when I am standing in the shower.

Also, as this venture has (hopefully) added to the property’s value, mentally I am off course treating it like an investment. Not exactly cash dividends being paid out, but more like convenience yield. (Note to self – love the showers)

Boy, I just hope the kids appreciate it as well, cause their father will now have to labor some more on the corporate wheel.

One more positive side note is that this has off course resulted in more or less immediate buying stop across all other aspects of our household.

What is your best financial dilemma?

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