2 months of blogging – status Updated

As May turns to June, it is once more time for a blogging update in order to evaluate progress towards that utopian status as a Global Minimalistic Influencer.

One thing that happened early in the second month of blogging, was an e-mail from WordPress, informing of my first 100 Likes. Almost simultaneously the word from WordPress was that I had also achieved my first 20 followers.

I absolutely loves how WordPress has gamified blogging. But guess it is kind of a business to them after all. 😂

The month saw additional progress, and current tally for likes is; 189 and followers; 31. Reflecting on this, far exceeds anything I would have imagined. Add to that a current tally of 41 persons that follow my Facebook page as well.

One other area that saw progress was my Pinterest account. After the first 1 1/2 month of no success at all, I finally kind of figured out how the whole following concept works and even found some group boards I could request to be added to. So far 2 has accepted me. Mega nice, as this means I can pin my posts to these boards. This has definitely increased success ratio on Pinterest. So far though it has not resulted in a whole lot of traffic, but I am positive that this is just a matter of time. On a side note though, I kind of recon that I need to start being creative in front of the computer, as it is really hard making good visual pins only using the iPhone and my right thumb. 😅

All in all, May ended with a small increase in views, but with fewer visitors. All in all totally acceptable. Way more likes and comments on blog posts, so that is nice.

Considering that Facebook chose to block me from posting in groups for roughly 8-10 days and I started the month in the infamous Pinterest jail, even more accepted.

Google on the other hand is so not working for me. Getting zero traffic from there. Don’t know what to do about that. SEO, and back-linking just seems like so much work, and don’t really know if it is worth focusing on now. Hell I am not even really able to find my own site via google.

I don’t know if I am doing anything wrong here. Please comment if you think.

In terms of revenue the whole thing currently adds up to 2.3$ of both ads on WordPress and affiliate from amazon.

June will definitely be devoted to placing some more links in posts, and investigating how to put in banner links as well, so I am not only using text links.

Further, I established a Facebook group, which I haven’t done anything with yet. Think I will advertise that a bit as well. Still considering the Instagram profile. Still undecided. It just seems like if you want to be a decent influencer you need an insta profile as well.

Also considering allowing my wife to do guest posts on my blog. That though, needs some serious considerations😂😂

How was your month.?.

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10 thoughts on “2 months of blogging – status Updated

  1. You aren’t doing anything wrong! You are a great blogger!

    If you want advice on how to get more followers, likes, and comments, i would say check out loads of other peoples blogs. Like. Comment. Follow etc. It’s a great way of making people want to see your blog (therefore up-ing traffic) and also finding blogs you will enjoy and bloggers you will be friends with!

    Some good key words to search into reader are :

    First post

    First blog

    New blogger

    About me


    And also any words that relate to you or your blog, as people will like to see blogs similar to theirs.

    Good luck on completing your goals xxx


  2. Pinterest is always the one that brings the first wins. I know that two months struggle because I am at that stage with my account. All the same, is am super proud of you for the overall progress. Keep doing your thing.


  3. Sounds like everything is on track for your first couple of months, especially given the unfortunate Pinterest jail and Facebook problem.

    I feel the Same way about Twitter as you do Instagram I think!

    Keep going…and yeah, I’m sure your wife would make a great guest poster…go on…let her loose!


  4. Congratulations those numbers look great. I’m in a similar position having just started my blog a little later than yours. The key piece of advice I keep hearing is to put out consistent, regular, value adding content. I’m following the comments on this post though in case you get some really tangible tips


  5. Seems like you are off to a good start. I only started a few months ago and still getting the hang of things and researching everything so I can learn it better. Keep up the good work!


  6. Look very nice to me! I also just started 2 months ago and I have tried also Facebook ads and adsense with google but not much results. Agree with the comment that we need to establish our own community of bloggers and people with same interests..it will be time consuming but hopefully at some point will pay off!


  7. Hi, your numbers seem great. I’m still struggling to get my head around Pinterest and SEO but for me Twitter has been the best place to drive traffic, there’s some great networks on there. Keep up the good work.


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