How my DGI portfolio performed in 2019

Earning season is coming to an end in Denmark. Most companies in Denmark only pay out dividends once a year in combination with the publication of the annual reports and the general assembly. Hence most dividends will be arriving at investors accounts between March and May.

This means it is time for a summary of my dividend portfolios performance.

Please see my simplistic overview table below.

Stock- dividend (#shares) = after tax payout

Danske Bank – 8.5 (2683 shares) = 16.654,22

Sydbank – 9.35 (400 shares) = 2.733,12

Nordea – 5.15 (1000 shares) = 4.369,57

G4S – 0.5310 (3000 shares) = 1.149,33

BO holding 0 (500 shares) = 0

So in total a yearly dividend of 24.905,24 DKK. After tax.

I’ve only included my portfolio of listed stocks here.

I know, my portfolio is currently a bit overweight in bank shares, compared to what I would actually like, but for some reason currently for danish stocks at least they seem to be the only ones paying decent dividends. Also, went outside the dividend growth principle with the addition of Danish Bang & Olufsen, which pays no dividend.

For a complete net worth overview of the Minimal5 family please see Family Net Worth Update #1

Adding up my total invested amount in listed shares, comes to 574.452 DKK, which means for my current portfolio an after tax dividend rate of 4.33%. (Equivalent to roughly 6% before tax.)

Omitting the B&O one, numbers would have been 4,72 after tax and 6,55 before tax.

All in all I am quite fine with these numbers, having thought initially, when I started building my portfolio that getting even 2-3% would have been hard.

Up next for the portfolio is to find 1 – 2 additional investments over the summer, in the size of roughly 50k each. For our minimal vacation planning please see Vacation planning 2019

Currently I am thinking about Finnish Sampo, increasing in Nordea or Sydbank, or finding another foreign stock which is outside banking.

Please feel free to suggest any high dividend paying stocks in the comments, and then I will look into it.

Also, I am seriously considering to just make one dividend stock, and actually putting 50k danish into Tesla at this level (181ish I recon). Mostly because I just really want a Tesla, and someone once told me to buy stocks which products you really wanted to own.

3 thoughts on “How my DGI portfolio performed in 2019

  1. Nice work. Have you considered low cost mutual funds that focus on dividends? You could use them as an anchor investment to give you diversity in other market segments outside of banking. I use Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund. VDIGX


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