Circular economy or just being plain cheap? The

I like to think that we don’t buy a lot. On a personal level I still have some of my T-shirts from my teenage years. Way before any one had invented concepts like Maria Kondo, decluttering, zero waste, minimalism, F.I.R.E. and the like.

This is good, because both me any my wife also tend to not throw things out. If we had been more struck by consumerism, we would be living like these obsessive hoarders with no space in their apartments.

I know Marie Kondo wants us to figure out which items bring us joy, and if not then we should part ways with it. However, sometimes a bit of practical cheapscaping sets in and we keep stuff. Ok, often. I know we are guilty of that.

One example of this is our baby bed – the standard one from IKEA. We have now been carrying it up and down from the attic 3 times over roughly 10 years. Our oldest son is 11 years and our youngest toddler is now almost 3. I am happy to announce that we have now parted ways with it. It was sold, together with the mattress to Ole, who came by and picked it up for approx 80$. It didn’t really give us any joy in all the years it was tucked away, but we kept it anyways. And it did stage a comeback thanks to Arthur our youngest.

Having three boys, will give a lot of possibilities to apply “internal” reuse. And we are applying this a lot. Sorry Arthur 👶.

Luckily we have a nice sized attic, where we are able to store some of this reuse stuff. It’s not exactly a place that sparks immediately joy when I go up there, even though I try to keep it somewhat organized. Only reason for going up there is because we have now started on decluttering our 0-2 years boy stuff.

It will not exactly be decluttered, Marie Kondo style, but instead most of it will be sold of to others, and hopefully bring them a ton of joy. Some of it will be kept for some time yet, as e.g. the line of shoes in the amateurish decluttering porn pic below. 😳

Ps. If you look carefully, you will also see my old Philips tv which I wrote about in another post The broken tv, non-affiliate marketing and Marie Kondo

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