Minimalistic hiking vacation in National Park Thy

Why go where everyone else has already been? Why not go somewhere, where you can enjoy nature in all its beauty. Somewhere quiet, with time for reflection. Somewhere with beautiful landscapes instead of a city skyline.

I give you – National Park Thy.

This is where the Minimal5 family will be going for the second part of our summer vacation. 14 days of remote cosiness, with focus on family time, leisure time, and reflection of this years successes and failures. A place where batteries will be re-charged for the next challenges.

A place for long biking trips through the forests and hiking through the sandy dunes.

A place for long walks on the stretches of sandy beaches

A place for open water activities in the salty North Sea.

A place for beautiful sunsets with nothing obscuring the view but plain open spaces

A place to enjoy the always present windy weather and toughness of the sea.

A place to explore the Atlantic wall of Nazi Germany, and acknowledging the hardship some people suffer around the world to this day.

A place to expand you mind and see everything a bit clearer.

A place to blend in with the locals and experience a world of micro adventures.

A 50km+ coastline of unspoiled nature awaiting to be explored.

Get off the mass tourism traps of Barcelona, Venice and Rome and do something original this year.

Dare to do something different.

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