Being struck by minimalistic nemesis

Progress on our minimalistic journey is moving on slowly but steadily. We are saving where we can, doing a bit of recycling, up-cycling and what not.

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My wife’s zero waste journey is a bit of a topic for another post though.

But on that topic, my wife, as the good minimalistic wife she is, is doing good things in her own right.

She has for a long time wanted to read the book Early Retirement Extreme by the Danish author Jacob Lund Fisher, so naturally she has been signed up for the book on the local library for some time now.

As this whole financial independence early retirement thing is almost a movement now, the list to borrow the book is actually quite long. She did manage to progress all the way up to being nr. 15 though. That was before she got the notice that her reservation was about to be cancelled if she did not renew it.

We have had a busy weekend where we actually had to celebrate our copper wedding, so she was a bit stressed out, and naturally failed to renew in time. She finally got around to get it done today though ✅. When she did, she learned, that she is now nr. 97 on the list.

Looks like all those minimalistic financial independencers of Wester Bronx here in Copenhagen are actually doing as they preach, and no one really opting to buy the book. 😂

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