7 great summer activities with kids

Summer time is coming close. Kids off from school. Vacation planning. Pulling the plug from work, and procrastinating the last working assignments. Your mind goes into vacation mode. Zzz…

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Then all of a sudden, reality hits you, and you realize you have 3 kids, that are not super good at activating themselves. You panic, realizing that the only thing you have planned are the very high level conceptual vacation plans. -> south one week, check. -> vacation house 2 weeks, check.

No detailed planning, no ideas for the rest of the family. No activities planned. Immediate fear sets in. 3 weeks is a long time of going -> turn of that screen, -> no we cannot bring the PS4. -> stop fighting you two. -> F.U.C.K.

Those plans in the back of your head which currently only included a book, and a recipe for aperol spritz, will have to be expanded -> and fast.

Worry no more, the above scenario is so far from anything the Minimal5 dad (irony warning) would ever indulge in.

Which is why I bring to all of you other middle aged dads a free selection of low key, low cost activities that can be executed with children.

Sleeeping outdoors.

Bring out the sleeping bags, mattresses, and pillows. Kids love to sleep outside. Depending on the weather, put up the tent in the back yard, or you could even find a shelter in the forest.

Open fire cooking.

Bring out the tri-pod, have the kids build a fire, and prepare dinner over open fire. Get the kids to help out, and roast marshmellows while at it. Goes very well together with that cold beer and aperol spiritz.

Bicycle trips.

Go biking with the whole family. Bring a picnic basket for lunch, cold beverages, and hot coffee. Or you can go all in and plan a mini biking vacation with outdoor sleeping in nature.

Foraging in nature.

Good one, very low cost, very time consuming. Go foraging in the local forest. Berries, mushrooms, elderflowers etc. Bring out that juicer steamer and make your own spreadable, juice or lemonade with the kids afterwards.

A day at the Beach.

Spend a day at the Beach. Swim in the ocean, bathe in the sun.(wear sunscreen, always wear sunscreen) Build castles in the sand. Combine with a big moat, which will bring hours of fun. Top the day of with a big ice cream on the way home.

Homemade ice cream.

It’s summer, It’s hot, it calls for ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Kids love ice cream. Why not do your own homemade ones. Get your kids to do them for you. (correction – for them obviously.) Do creamy ones, do smoothie ones, do popsicle ones with full berries in.

Doing a big puzzle.

Sorry about this last one, but I am Danish, so you just know the weather will turn sour on a day or two. Make that a full week. Which is why you must also plan for that boring indoor activity that usually just ends in screen time. Get out that big puzzle you got years back as a Christmas gift from your uncle. Just spread it out and spend time on it, when ever the weather gets rainy. Here is one from Copenhagen.

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