9 essentials for the driving season.

Hitting the German autobahn this summer for your vacation trip, then here are a couple of must have items to bring along for the journey.

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Being well prepared is always a good thing when doing that long haul driving stretch to get you to your desired vacation destination. If you are doing it with kids, then all the more reasons to think ahead.

We did a driving tour from New York to Miami one year, when we were on paternity leave with our youngest. He was 10 months at the time. Around Key Largo, I found myself changing a shitty diaper in the side of the road, and cleaning that rental car seat with napkins while the flies were zooming in. Not a great experience.

Here are a couple of my essentials when going on that driving vacation.

Car Cooler/Refrigerator 12v

This one is just a must have to bring along. The Car Cooler. Use it for cold beverages, snacks, food and your packed lunch.

First aid kit.

Just in case of any accidents, do bring a first aid kit. Also it is mandatory in many countries.

IPads and charger.

Need to quiet down the backseat once in a while. Do remember the Ipad, or similar tablets for gaming, moving and everything else on some of those long hauls. Also, bring a car charger for charging.


Good idea with the Ipads right, now also just make sure to remember those headphones as well, so you can relax in the front seat listening to that driving playlist of yours.

Activity books.

Dont fancy a full blown fortnite vacation for the kids, remember to bring more old school analog entertainment devices. A good old fashioned activity book will be a good choice.

Car Pillow.

Going on an auto vacation, there will be long stretches, and your kids will want to nap. Lucky you. Do bring a small car pillow for extra comfort for those little ones.

Hand sanitizer.

Accidents will happen. Not necessiary the fatal ones, but there will be spilling in the back seat. Perhaps even vomitting or pooping. Just saying Also those rest rooms can get a bit groce someplaces. Bring hand sanitizer.

Wet napkins.

Another lifesaver for every situation. Bring some wet-naps. For any situation.

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