My first 3 months of blogging – the dreaded status

OMG … its been 3 months already.

Being a part time blogger, I recon 3 months is not that long of a time. When you only have an hour here and there, you really have to prioritize what you do, and where you focus our time.

This post will be a follow up, on my two earlier posts on my blogging progress. You can find the two earlier episodes here;

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How I managed my first month as a blogger

I have said it before, blogging nowadays is not only about writing good posts. Off course, it can be, but as mentioned in earlier posts, if you really want any one to read you blog posts you really need a well thought through marketing scheme on your social media of choice. So yes, content is king, but marketing is the queen, prince and princesses.

Also, if you want a bit of insights as to how I go about my “blogging career” you can find some insights here;

How I manage to blog with 3 kids and a full-time job

For now, let’s get down to business, as I am sure you are all wondering about how the month has been for the Minimal5 blog. Let me start by saying, that there was definitely a lot of success stories, but also some setbacks and a bit of bloggers fatigue setting in. Let’s return to that later.


In terms of page views and visitors, both of them saw steady increase month on month, with page views going up 30%. I hope to keep up that success rate going forward, but it will definitely be hard.

In terms of where my page views come from, it is still very much Facebook. I am trying hard to diversify that, but recon WordPress is the long haul, with loyal readers, and Pinterest is apparently just a bit hard for me to be successful on. Have seen some recent success though, which gives me some hope for the future. Google is so not working for me. The whole SEO, backlink game just seems a bit outdated to me, and it also takes time to actually have decent content to backlink to.

I terms of followers, it is actually progressing very well. If anyone had asked 3 months ago, if I thought a middle aged dad from Copenhagen, a.k.a me, would have 177 followers on WordPress and Facebook 3 months in, I would definitely have said no way. This is even excluding my followers on Pinterest.

With respect to advertising, it is still very slow. Anyone going blogging thinking they will make a killing serving ads online will quickly need to rethink. Especially if they are planning on making a living from it. This month, the total came to 0,74$. Katjing.

After such a bummer, let’s quickly return to a couple of the additional success stories of June. Remember how WordPress has gamified blogging. One of those small dopamine bombs came on a random day, when I reached 50 followers on WordPress. Nice. And thank you to all you guys and gals out there.

Also, in June I was able to surpass my previous personal best with respect to likes on a day. So now all time best stands at 16 likes. Thank you again.

Anyone who has been reading my blog post on my 7 blogging goals here;

My 7 short term blogging goals

will know, that one of those goals was to be nominated to a blogger award. Thank you to Newblogger20 for the nomination of the randomness award. I will get the post out as soon as possible. PS. You can follow her blog here;



When it comes to facebook activity and progress June was an on month. In total I am at 127 followers on my Facebook page, which I think is pretty ok. I find that it is somewhat easier to get people on Facebook to actually read your blog post, but it takes more for people to actually follow you. Guess that makes sense, but I am hanging in there, in order to build that bigger crowd that will give more recurrent readers, and easier views.


I was late to Pinterest, so have only been kinda active for 6 weeks now I guess. Initially I found this medium very hard. I couldn’t find any group boards, had no followers, and no views. That some how gradually changed and then (for me) it really took of, 1 or 2 weeks ago. I got on more and more group boards, and then I think I did a very good pin, that I think has all the things the commentaries are saying. This has increased my monthly views very much, up to a total of 4.9k. Also I am getting many more followers. Up around 300 now. Insane. This however is still very slow to actually convert to blog views. It’s like people just view your nice picture, press save and then scroll on.


Update wouldn’t be complete with out an update on how amazon is progressing. As you know, it signed up kind of early on. Last 30 days I did manage to get 2 buys, with a commission totaling 0,64$. Sky is the limit.

More importantly, as I had been stressing a bit about it I would be able to actually do the three sales required to stay in the affiliate program after 180 days. A couple of days after the 2 sale – which actually brings me to 3! In total, I got an email saying I had been accepted in the amazon program. Thank you Amazon.


What can I say. Google google google, no traffic, nothing on google search console, just nothing. Who actually uses google nowadays. I am at a loss as to how to try to improve and drive organic traffic through this channel.

For July I don’t know what to expect. Hopefully more progress, but vacation times are coming. Is that a good thing – I don’t know? Also, I will be going on vacation – will that be a good thing? I don’t know.

Happy blogging to everyone.


9 thoughts on “My first 3 months of blogging – the dreaded status

  1. Great post as always. I appreciate the transparency and honesty. They say that blogging is about consistency, so while progress is slow in some areas keep persevering


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