On excessive needs and vacation in the south.

So we have arrived at Lazise at Lake Garda in Italy. The 34 sqm mobile home at camping Lido is just perfect. Weather is good, around 30 degrees, and sunny with a bit of clouds. Camp site very well equipped, with pool area, pool bar, sports facilities, mini marked and restaurant. Nothing more can really be requested, as far as I am concerned.

Cliental is mostly Danish, German, Dutch and Austrian, and choice of accommodation spans from the on-site mobile homes, on-site glamping tents, various mobile caravans and tents.

Even though, there are families with rather small cars, and choosing to do tent camping in their own tents, I would say that average car size of the clientele is more from station cars, to minivans, and all the way up to huge mobile caravans.

Sizing up seems to be the obvious choice.

A lot of people has even opted for the roof box solution on top of their station car, presumably in order to bring more stuff, more gear.

I am a bit perplexed by this phenomenon. Even though a Southern European lifestyle very much lends itself towards easyness, relaxation, and in particular a vacation form such as camping will bring associations to concepts such as minimalism and financial control we, “the northern tribe” mentioned above seem unable to let go of our excess needs and general lifestyle inflation.

I saw a mobile caravan with what I would judge to be a 50″ flatscreen, there are electric scooters, e-bikes, electric grills, charcoal grills, inflatable kayaks, pontoon boats, all sorts of inflatables, mobile refrigerators, strollers, and the list goes on and on and on.

What I fail to understand, is that even though some of the before mentioned items can be an in grown part of your lifestyle at home, then why is it necessary to bring it along for your 7 to 14 day vacation.

A vacation going to a destination with a reputation for good food, good restaurants, relaxation, beach life. Why is that not enough for a good vacation?

We were here 3 years ago as well, and I remember back then, that what draws me more, are seeing some of the very simple families that has basically just brought a tent and their car. Very simplistic. This appeals so much more to me, and even though I cannot convince my wife to go full minimal, I haven’t stopped trying.

If you ever find yourself in a place of doubt about what to pack for a weeks vacation with 3 kids, then below I have listed what we packed. Proud that the trunk was only basically half full when we departed.

Packing list for five:

5x socks, 5x undies, 5x t-shirts, 3x shorts, 1x hoodie, 1x long pants, 1x shoes, 1x flip flops, 1x cap, 1x sunglass.

5x toilet gear.

5x beach towels

4x bedsheets

5x bed linens

5x books

A couple of iPads, mobile phones, deck of cards, uno game, a lego duplo set, a couple of play animals, passports, healthcare cards, car registration, lunch bag for first full day.

A stroller.

Coffee mug and thermos – filled up.

/ enjoy.

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