On consumerism, sustainability and doing your laundry.

I have to admit up front, that this is a blog piece I had not anticipated doing when I started out blogging about three months ago.

My chain of thoughts started this morning, 2 1/2 week into our vacation, with me getting up as the first one in the family at around 8. I made a pot of coffee, as I normally will do every morning on my Mocca Master, checked the state of the world on the iPhone, and the went out to get our newspaper. This is one of these actual physical devices that gets delivered to your mailbox by an actual person every night.

Still a bit sleepy, I browse through the first section. Not a lot of interesting news, only a bit on Boris Johnson, brexit, and whether Denmark should join a could be protective peace force in the straits of Hormuz. What shocks me is one the last page, an add from the newspapers associated web shop.

It’s in Danish I know, so I will translate it for the global audience out there. An Italian drying rack. For 1.200 danish. WTF. 1.200. That’ roughly 180 USD.

Flickering around with my eyes, it turns out that this “offer” is part of a bigger selection of sustainable eco-friendly “laundry solutions”. 5 must have items for doing your laundry properly in the 21st century.

I immediately spot the next offer – an ironing board.

Only 1.900 Dkr, or 280 USD. OMG. At least it’s Italian though.

3rd item on sale is a laundry basket. What an offer;

Only 1.700 Dkr. (250 USD)

At this point my wife has joined the morning table, and I show her the first add.

We get to talk about laundry, as the first sentences we exchange over the morning table. I know – we have been together for 20 years now – so I guess any topic is as good as another. Turns out, that with all the zero waste literature she has been digesting lately, apparently in a lot of places people never try their laundry outside on a string. So what is deemed normal in Europe is not in the US and vice versa.

This is where the penny drops on me. (Danish saying – don’t know if it is universal) So that is why I got so many likes and comments on the blog piece I did on our minimal laundry day which sports a picture of me hanging out clothes on a string – Minimal laundry day – I love thee.

People – we have to talk about this. Why don’t you hang your laundry? Why don’t you minimize your usage of your dryer? I am at a loss.

This is where I spot the last 2 “offers”. At first I didn’t notice them, because I couldn’t immediately make out what the were. Actually had to read the associating text to understand.

Soap nuts? WTF. Soap nuts? An alternative to traditional detergents. Collected in the mountains of Nepal. Carefully sorted by hand. OMG. Luckily they are only 160 Dkr. (25 USD) Pyyh. Where can I get it.

Drying balls? I don’t even know what that is, let alone how and why it is used? Luckily they are produced under decent conditions in Kathmandu, Nepal. (This is where my tradition of danish irony used as humor sets in, if you missed it. I am simply at a loss of this world.) And same price as the soap nuts. Lucky me..

So adding it all up, doing your laundry in an ecological, sustainable fashion, will set you back almost USD – 800.

As I have mentioned in other blog posts, it is sometimes hard for me to walk the three planks of life, minimalism, sustainable, and financially sound. This however was an easy win for the financial one. I will save the money, hang my clothes on a string, and we have switched to detergents in card board packages instead of plastic.

How do you do your laundry?

PS. The picture at the top is my laundry setup at our beach house.

3 thoughts on “On consumerism, sustainability and doing your laundry.

  1. Make my own detergent from Arm and Hammer washing soda, borax, and Fels naphtha soap. Costs pennies and all are eco friendly. I do use a dryer because we live in a very hot and humid climate. Hanging clothes will result in bleached out colors from the sun. Also humidity will make some things mold. Just not practical.


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