Zero cost (0$) activities for any vacation

Summer vacation is officially over, and then Minimal5 family is slowly getting back into the normal rhythm of what ever work-life balance we have.

Slow start up at work, did one day of working from home, in order to take the top of the realities.

Sitting here in the first weekend after a week of work I can take the time to reflect back on our vacation, and especially the two weeks we spend at our vacation house in the national park. We try to just live slow, easy, and try to find activities that doesn’t require too much coordination and cost.

Thinking back I thought I would just give some inspiration to others out there, with regards to the zero cost activities we had time to do.


Our middle one has finally learned to cycle. This meant that we could finally take some longer trips on the bikes. He is 9 – (I know – but with 3 kids, the active mentoring and coaching has been neglected). We did a couple of day trips of 2×10 km and 2×5 km, and they did a couple of Tour de France inspired trips as well.


Not a lot of berries in the national park this early, but cloudberried can almost always be found. They are excellent for juices, marmalade’s and desserts. We got enough for two bottles, and 3 big glasses of marmalade.


In Denmark you can never be quite sure about the weather. It can be upwards 30 degrees and sunny with low winds, or it can be 16 degrees, windy, cloudy and rainy. We like to bring a puzzle with us on our vacations, as you need to prepare for some days indoor. This year we brought a city puzzle with Copenhagen. Funny how there are some areas of your city you know better the others.


If you have the equipment, then this is a really good zero cost activity. We didn’t have much luck though, so no free dinner as well this day. But just seeing you kids wheeling the line in is worth the whole trip.

Self invite for dinner

This one is probably not realistic for every one, but we vacate in an area where we have a lot of family, so naturally “arranging” a free dinner with relatives is a must. If the invites are not hanging that loose, the bite the apple, and invite people over. Not zero cost then, but will be worth it.


Kids love bonfires, so find your inner Boy Scout, sausages, dough and marshmallows. We borrowed my mother in laws fire pit, and in no time the day had passed by.

Beach day and ocean swimming

On one of those days where the wind turns to the east, sun is out and temperature is up there, there is no getting around a full beach day and swimming in the salty North Sea. This day, we were joined by some other people that had done the same reasoning.

Feeding goats and ponies

Find some animals in the local neighborhood, and bring all your left over veggies. Kids love it.

4 thoughts on “Zero cost (0$) activities for any vacation

  1. What a wonderful vacation, slow and relaxing. I am envious of puzzle day. We are not going to be able to go somewhere this year, but your blog has given me an idea to try and create a sense of vacation while still being at home. I think I will start looking for a puzzle of Los Angeles to jump start a week of rest from chores. ❤️


  2. What great ideas, thank you for sharing. It’s easy to think you have to spend money on entertainment, but there are plenty of good ideas here. My kids always like the playgrounds wherever we go.


  3. Thanks for the ideas! I think you have to pay for a qualification to go fishing here (Germany) or go with someone who has their fisher‘s certificate. However, we do have a number of petting zoos here that are free – I think we‘ll try and visit one next week.


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