Car considerations – I so want that Tesla …

Back from vacation and I can’t help thinking about the one topic we have been debating a bit in our small Minimal5 family. The car 🚗 situation.

A bit of background information for all of you new comers to the Minimal5 blog; we have a Citroen grand C4 Picasso, with the smallest gasoline engine – 1.2. We bought the car from new, end of 2016, and so far we have done 42k kilometers in it.

When we bought it, we only did it because we needed a bit more space on the backseat with 3 kids, and a bit more in the trunk. My FIRE genome persuaded my wife that we should not get the VW Touran, which she wanted at the time. (So that saved me 100k DKK.)

Mind you all, that we are situated in Denmark 🇩🇰, so all car investment plans will have to be carefully scrutinized, as we are the victims of 150% tax and the 25% VAT on top of that. That is basically why we traded the small VW golf we had at the time to the smallest C4 grand. I feel like the car salesman might as well have been pulling my nose hair out. Long story short, we paid 200k DKK (about 30k USD) to upgrade at the time.

At the time, what I really wanted was an all electric EV, (correction make that – all I wanted was a Tesla), but wasn’t prepared to fork out the 700-900k DKK (100k – 120k USD) for a model S or X.

Fast forward 3 years, and Tesla has introduced the model 3, with so many new and exciting features that cannot even be contained in this blog post. And at a price that is much more realistic for my wallet.

When we updated our budget some time back, we also got an overview of what our current car costs us (35k DKK ~ 5k USD) and we have had serious considerations of dropping the car completely. Especially when I found out that there were actually a period of 2 1/2 month where we didn’t even have to fill it up, because we hadn’t used it. We both bike to work, and live in Copenhagen as you recall.

Add to all of this, that most likely the single thing I can do to reduce my family’s carbon footprint is swapping the internal combustion engine to an EV. It will however set me back around 300k DKK for the upgrade. (40-50k USD)

This is where I just have to do a bit of advertising of some of the internet media I follow on this topic – and, so don’t get me started on why it is imperative that we change our way of life, electrify our daily lives even more, and oust fossil fuels.

But I am really struggling with all of the 3 topics that I write about in this blog – in relation to this significant decision.

What is more important – saving the planet or saving your wallet? And why do the tech freak inside me want a Tesla when I might do fine without a car at all? But then again – that Tesla do have a very minimalistic design that fits right in – right.

What are you all doing?

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