The secrets of blogging – #5 month update…

Vacation time is long gone, and I am slowly adopting back into the normal 9-17 corporate grind, feeding my kids, and then some left hand blogging.

I have to say, that I took a deliberate pause from blogging in July due to vacation, and it has actually been kinda hard to get back at it. Hence number of posts have taken a nosedive since last update, which you can find here; My first 3 months of blogging – the dreaded status

In terms of visitors, and views it has seen steady decline since June’s all time high. August saw just below 1.200 views and just below 750 visitors. I had actually feared much worse, as I have not been writing much. Main strategy was to do a bit of recycling marketing on Facebook, and then actually trying to just keep re-pinning in Pinterest whenever I remembered it.

Number of likes actually quite ok, with 85 in August, which was mainly driven by my most popular blog post; On consumerism, sustainability and doing your laundry.

Where did my viewers go, luckily I managed to get some over on Amazon, and can happily announce that I have cleared the 3 affiliate sales. ✅ Also a bit of traffic generated to other bloggers, which I find especially comforting.

Traffic is still mainly being generated from Facebook and WordPress. Pinterest has been climbing up a bit, but not as much as I have hoped for. And also a couple of generations from search engines.

As you can see below, I only managed 2 posts in July. 😢. I am actually a bit disappointed with myself, but at least I have rebounded a bit in August.

On a very positive note, I can now count just below 280 followers across WordPress, e-mail and Facebook. Pushing for that 300 number, so please help spread the word by liking, sharing and following on Facebook page here

One weird turn of events in August is that the amount of ads views have hit an all time high, with one day accounting for a staggering 8.000 ads served. I think it is an error. Total revenue still not much to brag about.

Lastly I have to mention the developments that have occurred on my Pinterest board. Sometime during the last couple of months, it turned CRAZY, with now almost 2.700 followers. I was so so so happy for this new crowd, until I realized by looking at the profiles and their accounts in more detail, that they are almost all entirely FAKES. WTF Pinterest. I swear, they are 80-90% fake profiles. You have got to up the game Pinterest on this one. (Could also be linked to Pinterest going public on the stock exchange. – if so you should be turned over to the SEC.) oh, well. I am flattered by all the female teenage profiles that want to follow a married dad from Copenhagen.

~This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a commission~

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4 thoughts on “The secrets of blogging – #5 month update…

  1. Keep it up my friend. I always enjoy reading your blog. Pinterest has been a dud for me as well. Most of my traffic comes from Facebook and WordPress. I was hoping to see my name on the list of blogs you got some traffic from. Sorry that hasn’t happened much.


  2. Haha I made it into to one of your screenshots 😂 I try not to check traffic so much, and focus more on the follower counts and engagement levels. I wish I had more time to publish blog posts which is definitely something I need to work on.

    I don’t use FB anymore and stopped posting to Pinterest a while ago because it didn’t bring me joy. Instead, I spend my time mostly on WordPress. It’s easier to focus on the places that you enjoy most and spend more time there, rather than spread yourself thin on 10 different platforms for instance. If you are enjoying Pinterest, then keep Pinterest, but if you no longer enjoy it then it’s okay to let it go.👌


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