The F*ck you account – net worth update #2.

Once in a while you have to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

Why have I insisted in trimming down our fixed and variable cost in our household, why are we targeting a 50% savings rate, why are we actively plowing all of our proceeds into active investments.

Why are we taking lifestyle choices that doesn’t seem to be necessary for our family.

Luckily, when I get in slight doubt about the necessity of adopting a complete austerity lifestyle for me, my wife and our three kids, I don’t have to search far and wide for a mild reminder. I can just go to work.

OMG the internal corporate bullshit that can be in a workplace. Complete with backstabbing, drama, incompetence, glory-stealing, and coupled with absurdly incompetent management. Thank you 🙏 for that reminder this week.

Which is why I feel a sudden urgency to do a net worth update to see how we are progressing with the ultimate fuck you account.

Since the last update Family Net Worth Update #1, a lot has happened. Markets have been sporadically panicking, with looming recession signals, trade wars escalations and what have you.

Some money have come in from monthly paychecks, some money we have parted ways with because we had to go on vacation. Additionally we did manage to get roughly 2400 USD in from renting our vacation house out on AirBnB. All in all, our net worth has increased from 10.24M DKK to 10.45M DKK.

Since the last update we have invested in G4S, Maersk, Topdanmark, and so far we are still building our portfolio of listed shares with predominantly dividend yielding shares. Depending on the wider macro economic outlook – which currently points towards a lower growth rate in many parts of the western world, potentially even mild recession in some areas – we intend to stay the course and only add what is perceived to be reasonably priced dividend paying shares in fairly conservative industries.

Since the last update we have also had to make further arrangements with respect to our 3 boy’s financial situation. What happened was that their grandmother wanted to pass on 10K DKK, as she had successfully sold her vacation house. We had the choice of just absorbing it into our economy, but as I try to plan long term and take a family view, we decided to just pass it on in 3 portions to our three boys. Also, there is off course a slight tax consideration involved, which I believe makes it optimally to skip a generation when it comes to passing money on down the line of lineage.

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6 thoughts on “The F*ck you account – net worth update #2.

  1. Thanks for being so candid.

    Have you given any thought as to how you will address the issue of being asset rich, but relatively cash poor? A great many people are in a similar situation having a 2M+ USD fortune tied up in brick and mortar and pension funds.

    Seemingly there are two options to become liquid – take up loans in the real estate. Or sell it. The former will increase the strains from your self-inflicted imprisonment. The latter will make you homeless although you can rent something and be free of the ownership burden.

    In my view, neither of these options seem like very good ideas.

    So when and how are you going to pull the plug and install the f*** you account as the primary source of income in your life?



    1. Good questions, – with respect to our housing, we live in a rather cheap cooperative flat. Which is also why we do not have any loans in this, as mortgage is not an option. Being “only” mid-life, my focus for now is exactly building out the liquid part of my assets


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