Climate change action – the Minimal5 way

School strikes are all the rave these days. Ms Thunberg set sail over the Atlantic, to participate and speak at the climate strike event in NY yesterday.

It got me thinking about what we are doing in the Minimal5 family, in order to help battle climate change, and if we are indeed doing enough.

When we talk about climate change and what needs to be done, a lot of it comes down to personal lifestyle choices.

Off course it helps if these choices were being nudged in the right way by some sort of invisible political hand like e.g. a far reaching and universal carbon tax. In the absence of any form of political will across the globe from our elected leaders, it really for now is down to individual choices and actions.

Followers of this blog, will know that we in the Minimal5 family are trying to reduce our carbon footprint by opting for using our bike fleet on a daily and regular basis. I did a piece on that topic some time ago, which you can find here; Last mile transportation.

We have also opted for trying to pursue a minimalistic lifestyle. There are multiple reasons for this. Obviously, consuming less will help reduce our carbon footprint, it will help our financial independence whishes, and it will on a daily basis just help to keep our apartment clutter free. Hence, very simple, don’t buy, don’t consume.

You can follow some of our minimalistic moves in these select blog pieces; On consumerism, sustainability and doing your laundry. And;

With respect to my investment choices, I have adopted a couple of golden rules. Firstly we do not invest in oil and gas companies. Not directly and not indirectly through index funds or similar where oil and gas might be included. On top of this, we have put almost 200.000 USD of our own invested capital in to solar photovoltaic investment opportunities. You can follow our portfolio building efforts in blog pieces like this one; The F*ck you account – net worth update #2.

On top of this, my wife has (somewhat) started to pursue a zero waste lifestyle, and we are really trying to think about our spending choices, but damm, that zero waste stuff is hard. In this field, we have had to revise the ambitions down a bit, as it is really hard with a household which includes 3 boys aged 3, 9 and 11 to be as good as we want to be.

Are we doing enough? I don’t know, and after we watched the documentary “Before the flood” yesterday evening with Leonardo DiCaprio, I doubt it even more.

Especially the closing scene with his speech at the U.N. summit on climate was powerful. You can watch it here;

As a family, we are really trying, but ultimately I do believe we need political backing and help if we are to keep climate change in check, and limit global warming so that it does not become completely irreversible.

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Please check out these excellent ressources for adopting a financially independent & minimalistic lifestyle;

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