How to become a full time, stay at home, influential blogger in 2019.

Well, obviously not by doing what I am doing, and doing it within a personal finance/minimalistic blogging niche. 😉 But hey, now you are here, so please do read on.

Even though there is progress, I have to say that I am still not where I want to be; namely as the most cited, most influential financial independence blogger of our time. A young modern social media age Hemingway, if you will.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that financial independence is actually such a long term, slow game that progress can be measured on the same scale as watching paint dry. Yarn. But then again, as I am hell bent on achieving FIRE, then I might also inspire a few others in the process.

Part of that process also means uncovering and discovering what possibilities exists with in the blogging world today, so in these self-indulging blog posts you will get a chance to see behind the curtains of the blogging world.

Let’s start off with a success. As to know by now, har totally gamified blogging, and I got a small level up this month when I got my 500th like under my belt. Yihaa. Thank you whoever you were.

I try to put in small milestones every month, that I need to achieve, both in order to keep building/exploring my blogging and social media skills, so this month I am happy to announce, that you can now also follow the blogging ventures on twitter.

I have to say, that I am already liking the twitter platform much more then eg. Pinterest. And 10 followers already means I am on a clear trajectory for success.

Another huge success came from Google Search Console this month. Even though I had signed up here months ago, and tried to verify my website, I simply could not get it to work before now. Some sort of verification error/fault, which I finally cleared out. So tada, I give you new and improved insights into me ever growing audience from Google. Which currently stands at roughly 22 viewers over the last 3 month period.

Next milestone is probably not that exciting in itself, but made it to 50 blog posts in total for my blogging career. 😎 Good job.

Also, that number can be used to calculate some pretty interesting metrics. Like 10 blog posts pr. month it seems like. Used against my total advertising income it will also come handy. 😢

Crowd keeps growing, and total currently stands at 327 across WordPress, e-mail and Facebook. Not to forget the 10 new twitter followers additionally.

Last month was also a clear success when turning to advertising revenue for the blog. Total of 1.77 USD brings my total to 5.64 USD for my entire blogging career. I will soon have to start including this in my monthly overviews of passive income streams. Will go a long way if I move to Tchad.

Oh, and mind you, not to forget the 0,98 USD from affiliate income.

With the newfound twitter activity naturally also comes a new App that I had to find a place for, and this then turned out to become an exercise in optimizing my mobile blogging capabilities which I collected in a single screen on my iPhone. Behold my new all in one mobile blogging control center.

Hopefully you have kept reading all the way to the end this month, because I have save the best for last. So far, with one day left of the month, it is a clear all time high on monthly views. A total of almost 2.500 views from 1.400 viewers. Thank you 🙏 Thank you so much for visiting, reading and hopefully feeling inspired by my humble content.

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May your savings rate be high, and your return average.



~This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a commission~

Please check out these excellent ressources for adopting a financially independent & minimalistic lifestyle;

7 thoughts on “How to become a full time, stay at home, influential blogger in 2019.

  1. I love that you are keeping track of your first milestones, and showing the small steps towards your big goal, I love the reality that you understand that what we want is a long term game, I believe that having this approach will take anybody with persistence very, very far! Thanks for sharing, it is inspiring to see people starting adn sharing the basis!


  2. Like another commenter stated; I love that you are sharing your milestones as you move upwards. Many people wait until they are making big bucks before sharing witht the world :/ Thanks for sharing, congrats, and best wishes!


  3. Since I’m completely new to this, I haven’t seen a cent yet. But here’s to a bright a prosperous future. Also, are you a Hemingway fan? I like The Sun Also Rises and several of his short stories.


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