Dividend portfolio update – Tops and Bottoms are for Fools and Liers..

Aarh finally a bit of computer alone time. 💻

What a great opportunity to update my dividend portfolio overview with the latest additions and developments. 💰🤔💰

Since the last update, I have actually done two additions.

✅ First, I purchased 100 shares in the danish farmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

✅ Second, I purchased 100 shares in the danish insurer Tryg A/S.

Both companies are dividend paying, Tryg a bit higher at 3.59% current yield then Novo Nordisk which currently stands at 2.26% yield.

Novo is actually a bit on the low side for my taste, but my wife thought that we needed to diversify more, and as my(our?) portfolio currently has a fairly large share of banks and insurance companies, the choice fell on Novo.

I think going forward, and with 14 different listed and unlisted stocks in the portfolio, I will start to increase some of my smaller positions. Luckily payday is not far way, so I will be considering where to put my next addition.

October month also saw 871 DKK in dividends coming in from G4S, so that brings 2019’s total dividend payout to; 34.166 DKK. 🎉🎉🎉

The two additions of Tryg and Novo will add a total of 1.495 DKK to the expected dividend payments next year which currently stands at; 133.000 DKK, assuming same dividend levels as this year. This will likely be too optimistic, as analysts are starting to revise dividend expectations down for some of my positions. I will track this more closely and do my own analytical projection some time around year end.

All in all, the current portfolio stands at 2.749.658 DKK which is an increase of 86.000 from last update. Roughly 50K of this increase is due to savings.

Portfolio market value 23102019

My current considerations are mainly around Maersk A/S, which has increased a bit, due to the upward earnings guidance they did a couple of days back. It looks like this position can reach a 20% gain fairly shortly. I am mostly inclined to pocket the 20% capital gain if this should happen, and then roll the money over into other stocks which actually has higher dividend levels then Maersk. Target level is 8.784 for Maersk. Currently debating with myself if a short term 20% capital gain is enough to pocket or if it should be 25% instead. Odds are I will increase to 25% once 20% is reached – cause tops and bottoms are for fools and liers.

Discipline Minimal5, Discipline. 💸

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