“Passive” income from blogging – I’m killing it !

If you are a recurrent reader of this blog, you would have run in to one of my monthly blogging updates where I try to share some insights and learnings from my newbie/rookie blogging endeavors.

Historically, …well the last 5 updates or so…I have focused a lot on all my blogging/SoMe activities I have run after, in order to try to build a proper crowd following. The whole thing; Facebook page, Facebook groups, Pinterest, twitter, google search console/SEO, amazon affiliate. You can find some of the old articles here

How to become a full time, stay at home, influential blogger in 2019.

The secrets of blogging – #5 month update…

And the very first one which is actually one of the best now that I look back. Boy was I young and inexperienced;

How I made 1$ blogging

Converting blogging efforts to recurrent passive income.

So lets have a little look at the month of October. From a high level, all the result you will see in this month, was obtained on the back of the below views and visitors. 1,5K visitors and 2,4K views. All in all satisfactory even though it is a small decrease month on month.

All those viewers converted to an all time high Adsworks income of 3.15 USD. An amazing achievement only 6 months in. The fact that ad income rose month on month from 2.9 USD in the light of decreasing visitors and views, is even better.

Going behind the numbers it is obvious that something happened last month with respect to my average CPM rate. I have been extremely frustrated that for the first 4 months of blogging, this was constantly just averting 5-6 cents. Then last month, it suddenly increased to 15 cents, and that move came almost entirely in last half of the month. Hence, average CPM has increased even further this month, to an all time high of 21 cents. This is all in all very satisfactory for me, even though I am not quite sure exactly what has been the main driving force behind this.

With the slight drop in monthly visitors and views, the ads served also dropped a bit, but this is manageable and in my view not as important as the fact that CPM has risen so significantly. This bodes well for the future. Any fellow bloggers out there, and what is your monthly average CPM?

Even though the monthly visitors dropped a bit, I have to conclude that it seems like it does become easier to drive a bit of traffic to a blog, as your content increases in number and quality, and that ones followers also increases. For me, this number is now at 455 total followers across WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and email. When I set out 6 months ago I did not think that I would reach that many followers in an anonymous blog in a niche personal finance topic. Thank you all very much for following. 🙏.

On top of my monthly Ad income my income from affiliate links is also fast approaching 5 USD. I think I will do a separate post on this next time.

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~This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a commission~

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