Savings “fatigue” – does it happen to you as well?

October is turning into November. Days are getting shorter here on the northern latitudes of Copenhagen. It is now dark when we wake up, and darkness comes sooner and sooner in the evenings.

Even though we try to trick reality by arbitrarily turning the time an hour, we cannot escape the turn of time. Only hope now is that deposits of D-vitamin in our bodies have been replenished enough to get us through the winter. 🥶.

No doubt that these are difficult times for us northern folks. Energy levels will drop, and people start longing for the Christmas vacation, which will light 💡 up the neighborhoods. For all us savers, it is indeed hard times we are fast approaching. Kids need new jackets, winter boots, scarfs 🧣and mittens. Car and wife needs additional “maintenance”. Black Friday will soon be raging like an all eating money 💰 black hole. The Christmas catalogues will be luring us with its glossy pictures of niceness.

At some point you will be prone to just giving in. Fuck it right. Enough with all that saving, we also need and want. Defenses are failing quicker then the wall in the north.

In my own case, I am starting to see a pattern of this yearly savings fatigue setting in end of October. Coincidentally this is the same time as our anniversary (oct28) and my wife’s birthday (oct30), my nephew’s birthday (oct29), my mother’s birthday (oct26).

Couple that with the weather turning colder and our youngest in a “forest”🌳🌲👶🥶kindergarten, our oldest that needs new winter boots, and sports activities that are starting to move indoors, calling for new gym shoes.

I cannot fight it. I am tired. I want it to go away. Fuck it. Then. Just buy that.

Everything about it just becomes pathetic. The whole loss of control, as well as the pathetic attempts to fight it.

This year, I unconsciously postponed buying my wife’s birthday present 🎁. You can sense it in the days leading up to it. None of us actually wants to go first. “Are we still doing that?”. Never gets asked. Hard to do a minimalistic lifestyle if we can’t even pass on a birthday present.

Personally I would have no problem passing on it, it’s just that exactly this year, I think I have found the perfect thing to be wishing for, and with my birthday coming up soon (nov26), I don’t really want to forego that.

So there you have it. We are completely middle aged victims of the culture we were born and raised into. Escape seems impossible. Especially as we also, on my wife’s birthday, ended up eating out, because we were both too exhausted to do anything else. 💸.

BTW – on that perfect gift for a minimalistic, homesteading dreaming middle aged man living in an apartment.

Behold the Meat/bbq smoker

If I get one, I will for sure update you on my first attempts to do my own bacon 🥓

If you need one, be sure to get one here

Wish me luck in the time ahead, and likewise back to you. We just have to make it over Black Friday, then rejoice over Christmas, and then the summer will be fast approaching.

Good luck – Minimal5

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One thought on “Savings “fatigue” – does it happen to you as well?

  1. Key to with stand a grotesque, all-in I surrender shopping spree is a buy what I need and dispose what I don’t mentality. One in, one out. Capex limited. Paid in full by compounds.

    In a sense it’s akin to energy constrained diets – much easier if you actually eat.

    Birthday presents are in the need-to-have category. Obscenely expensive ones are not.

    Happy smoking 👍🇩🇰😊


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