Family minimalism – How to?

It’s funny how you sometimes get an idea 💡 for a blog post that you don’t quite know where will end up when you are done.

I recon this post will be such one. My chain of thoughts were actually triggered this morning, where I was woken up by my wife and two oldest, as it is my birthday 🎂 today. Big 42. The answer to everything. I foresee a killer blog post.

Because we were up a bit earlier then normal, and my wife has a week off, she told me of this minimalistic podcast she had listened to the day before, and put it on. – Minimalism on Wheels it was called.

I listened with half an ear, as I drank my coffee, skimmed the paper, poured cereal for the youngest, etc etc. The guy had been ditched by his girl friend, lost his dog and then subsequently quit his corporate job to go traveling across Europe – on wheels. No kids, – and he was 33!??.

I had a hard very hard time to relate.

Sounded more like a heartache, dog-loss grief, I hate my corporate job escape that was possible by being “young” and with no strings attached. A late sabbatical by a focused millennial, if you will.

Got me wondering though. If the all out – in to the wild – escape is no longer possible for me, or any other middle-aged dads out there, then what is?

How do you refocus your life and purpose, and find meaning and joy, if the “big” dreams are currently unrealistic. Cause I have big dreams. I wanna live in South America. In Far East Asia. In Manhattan. I wanna go to the Moon and Mars. I wanna run for the danish parliament. I wanna be a killer CEO for a green start up, that saves the world from the climate crisis. Hell I wanna save the polar bears. I wanna apply my economics degree to solving the problem of recycling plastic across the globe. 🤔

Slightly depressed I left home this morning, as a 42 year old white collar corporate employee.

We might look dull to you millennials. We might look boring. We might look like the corporate zombie slave army.

But make no mistake. We have dreams.

We are just in the process of figuring out how to balance our dreams with the possibilities of our families, without wasting it all.

Just my 2 cents on a day of reflection for me.

42 – ? –


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Please check out these excellent ressources for adopting a financially independent & minimalistic lifestyle;

3 thoughts on “Family minimalism – How to?

  1. So, best wishes from Uruguay, where I moved few years ago from Europe. And I’m just (few days ago) starting renewable energy company. It will not save a world, but I hope to do some good things.
    And, incidentally, I’m also 42 today.
    Also, I am pretty sure You can do a lot of good and interesting things in Denmark, not colliding in any way with corporate and family life.


  2. Yep unfortunately the surface level answers are not as clear for those with “responsibilities” like families to support and mortgages to pay. As we get older I think major change also becomes increasingly scary to implement (and maybe unrealistic?) No idea what the answer is but I totally empathize with this post. I’ve told my boss I’m quitting work in June next year. Not entirely sure what I’ll do next but I do want the time and space to try something different and pursue my dreams. I just need to figure out a way to also pay some bills in my post corporate job existence 🙂


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