Binding climate law in Denmark – read all about it.

In an excellent turn of events in the fairy tale land of Hans Christian Andersen, last nights developments on “Capitol hill” saw a broad agreement being reached between 6 danish political parties, which will put in to law a binding climate agreement.

The agreement reached between the socialist folks party, social democrats, social liberal democrats, the Green Party and others means that the Danish state will commit to reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses (Co2) by 70% in 2030 compared to the 1990 level.

So far there is not a lot of concrete contents coming out, other then there will be a binding halfway target in 2025 as well, and with yearly evaluation of progress. Even though all those details off course also will be interesting it is not really the most important part. What is important, is that it will be put into law, and that there will be binding targets.

I for one assume, that it means that if the state of Denmark does not reach the goal, I and other citizens will be free to press charges against the government for not fulfilling its own law. That is excellent.

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