Self-sufficiency on a sqm?

Obviously, the headline is not possible – not even on a long shot. Sorry 😐 about that. But it is just what I would really like. To have a huge vegetables garden, where I could grow all necessities for my household. Hence, I would have liked to name this post – How to…but as I don’t really know how to, I did a ? instead.

Now, as I don’t really have that huge garden, I guess I will just have to make do with what I have got, all of which I will list below. What I am really looking for are inputs from you guys out there. What can I do with what I have got? What is the best course of action, and what are the no-go’s?

So here goes;

The Background: Middle-aged guy living in city apartment. Together with wifey and 3 kids.

The situation: 10 sqm of northern facing terrace. At least half of which is “occupied” for leisure/relaxation. (Aka gin-tonic sipping lounge furniture 🪑). Sprouts can be started off in a 2m long southern window. Check out my last post from last year –, to see it.

The objective: Producing something meaningful this spring/summer to include in my everyday kitchen. (And show my kids that food 🥘 can be grown and doesn’t have to be bought in supermarkets)

The history: Have tried a range of herbs 🌿 over the years, tomatoes 🍅, cucumber 🥒 and currently have a black current and gooseberry. We did peas one year as well. Peas were actually ok, now that I think 🤔 about it. Tomatoes last year were also fine. Cucumber died 😢. Black currant and gooseberry is also fine. Our potted apple tree 🌳 is not doing great.

The soil/terraior: Slightly northern latitude here in Denmark 🇩🇰. I have a number of pots of varying sizes. Largest is 30-40 cm in diameter, and 40 cm high. I have a little potting soul in a bag, but can get some better soil at the recycling station where they give away. We sort organic waste in our house hold, but we don’t compost (yet)

The financial situation: All suggestions/solutions has to be cheap, 2nd hand 🤚, and reuse, as I am not prone to send money after a bad business case. Don’t go dying on me plants 🌿 🤷‍♂️.

The current 2020 spring/summer plan.

I need to upgrade with 1 to 2 larger sized squared planting containers. I definitely want to do tomatoes 🍅 again this year, as it was really good last year. My current thinking is to devote one container to the more traditional Nordic vegetables such as onions 🧅, garlic 🧄, carrots 🥕, radish’s, kale 🥬 etc.

So please, for all you homesteaders out there, what crops do you think 🤔 I should go for, what techniques, containers, fertilizer must I do? What shouldn’t I bother doing? What are the no-go’s.

Thank you in advance


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