I would rather pull my own nose hair

Well, that’s obviously 🙄 not a very S E O friendly headline that will be bringing in a whole lot of algorithmic google traffic. It will be some creepy dudes googling nose hair.

Thing is, it turned out to be just one of those days. Had to bring the car 🚗 to the auto repair shop. It had started blinking – SERVICE – SERVICE. And also my tire guy had told me last time when I went there, that I had to get my back brake disks and pads changed.

Finally got around to booking time today. Kinda knew I was in for one of the heavy ones. – 1.200 USD for WHAT? 3 years service and brakes? Really? I know cars and service is expensive in Denmark 🇩🇰 but really.

Today’s bill.

I don’t even want the damm car anymore. It’s an internal combustion engine. I have been struck with acute climate shame. Car considerations – I so want that Tesla ….

What I really want is a Tesla. A Tesla doesn’t need a new oil filter or new oil. A new pollen filter? Tesla doesn’t have a pollen filter I bet. It has that war-grade biohazard ☣️ filter.

How the H*LL are we going to find 1.200 USD in February’s budget. I know we have it and all, but that is totally besides the point when you are on a personal FIRE 🔥 quest, and about to hit level 8 1/2. BOOM 💥 Game Over. 1.200 credits to continue please.

We are just going to have to FRUGAL the shit out of it this month. – Aargh Dammit, its school 🏫 winter holiday next week. 3 Kids be like – can we go bowling 🎳 dad – please can we go to the cinema dad. Can we stop at McD please Dad? Can we?

I guess it’s just one of those days.

I am so getting a beer 🍺 tonight.

How was your week?


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4 thoughts on “I would rather pull my own nose hair

  1. Ditch the car and don’t buy that Tesla at all seem to resonate best with the climate feelings.

    Perhaps the kids can take the bike to McD (If they do, they can probably better afford the extra calories. If not, you save the money).

    If everything keeps going wrong I guess you can always just enjoy the shit out of the rest of february – it’s only money and YOLO.


  2. Ah, it’s somehow reassuring that things are no different where you are than they are here in the US. Sometimes I have to just roll with it and be grateful I have a kid/house/car to begin with. And a beer would help, too.


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