The EV transformation is accelerating

I recently did a post on the long and slow demise of the fossil fuel ⛽️ industry The long and slow demise of big oil… but as we are now writing 2020 in the calendar 📅 it does seem like the mass adoption is coming closer and closer.

Sparked by new and tightened emission standards in the European Union, there has been a flood of green headline articles lately.

As a service for everyone, I have gathered a few of the more interesting ones to help underscore that it is not all bad – the world is indeed changing and adopting.

Range performance keeps improving

Diesel gets crowded out in Sweden

EV adoption accelerated in U.K.

Refurbishing of old petrol stations

German EV markets increasing

Norway goes full electric

EV busses keeps coming

All of these headlines really just made my weekend turn to the better. Remember, that once critical mass starts to set in, the developments will accelerate even further. Demand for fossil fuels will fade away, prices will continue on a downward declining trajectory, and investment into the fossil fuels sector will slow down.

I am feeling very good for mankind today. 🤩.


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