Corporate shenanigans

Another week over. Another 5 days of companionship with my dear colleagues and coworkers at work. Another 37 hours of corporate managerial positioning, collegial power plays and subtle “delegation” of shitty assignments to the student employees.

My personal highlight of this weeks corporate bullshit shenanigans came today, when the lead dogs 🐕 little pet 🐶 proposed to postpone my meeting with the other dogs in the kennel.

Aarh – hello dude, exactly what in My meeting is it that you don’t understand.

But OK the suggestion is to postpone one of the scrum ceremonials into next week.

Some of the other dogs 🐶 started to weigh in over email. – couldn’t do Tuesday. And someone couldn’t do Monday. ~ perhaps Wednesday then?

Decided to put out an email to everyone that we would stick to today’s meeting.

Turns out that someone had already made other plans because knowing that the lead 🐕 couldn’t do today they thought 💭 it would be postponed anyways.

Uhmm, hello am I invisible here!

Decided not to send out any more answers, and just see how it goes and how many will be left. Thinking 🤔 to myself that it is kinda pointless to postpone a biweekly agile ceremonial with 1/2 a week. Not to mention that I didn’t wanna do the calendar joggling and pretending to be everyone’s goddamn PA.

So went home at 15:00, no meeting held, no new meeting called for, and no email put out. I just know the office control freak pet dog 🐶 is wondering all the weekend if he missed the meeting. It is just a prioritization meeting. There will be a new one in 14 days!

Can’t wait until Monday, hoping that the drama will continue. Might even be a couple of power moves! It will be sweet. 👏

Can’t decide if it’s more like the Office or like Parks and Recreation. Love 💕 my work and hate my work at the same time. 🤮.


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4 thoughts on “Corporate shenanigans

  1. Wow, what a great example of corporate efficiency 😀 ! Those types of situations are quite frustrating. Enjoyed the read and can relate. haha! Keep them coming 😀


  2. Bwahahahaha!
    I laughed out loud at this!

    Just imagine in how many offices all over the globe that this madness takes place EVERY freakin’ day!?

    I know how you feel (I work in such an office). I once had my boss “force” me to take the CSM (I still liked him, ragardless).

    Not to mention that I didn’t wanna do the calendar joggling and pretending to be everyone’s goddamn PA.

    I thought this was THE job of a Scrum Master? 😛 Anyway, I got a new job and never told anybody at my new job that I’m a certified Scrum Master. How do you do it, man?


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