Minimalism in the age of Corona

So Minimal5 Dad, how are you these days?

How are you coping with the social distancing policies, working from home 🏡 and homeschooling your Kids in the age of Corona?

Well thank you very much for that question dear curator. So far I am 23 days in, and I have to say there have been some ups and downs.

It actually started off pretty good. By and large I managed roughly to keep my sleeping rhythm. So to bed around 22.30 latest and up roughly 6.45. I quickly stretched it 1/2 hour, as I don’t have the transport time to/from work. Very nice. Very nice 👍 indeed.

That sounds very nice Minimal5 Dad, but on a general day – to – day rhythm, isn’t there any downsides as well?

Yeh well you know, first week was a bit rough, as my wife was at work, and I had to homeschool the two oldest boys 👦 while taking care and activating the youngest at 3 1/2 and in between had to log on to my labtop and trying to manage a couple of teams meetings daily. I kinda managed by giving out ice cream and candy at strategical timeslots during the day. Also, I found out I had to manage lunch for all of us on a daily basis, and with all meals 🥘 being eaten at home 🏡 it actually put a bit of extra toll on the fridge which has to be filled up more often the not.

I see, I see, that sounds tough Minimal5 Dad. So being a Danish citizen, what is the current outlook and prospects for the near term Corona future.

Well, so currently as mentioned, I have been at home for 23 days, as the government has closed down all public workplaces that are non-essential, and urged private employers to implement work-from-home possibilities where possible. All schools, universities and child care institutions are closed. The borders are closed for all non-essentials. Gatherings of more the 10 people is banned, and strict 2 meter social distancing guidelines are implemented everywhere. People in general are becoming more and more obsessed and weird. Sick people are being quarantined. And we have stepped up house cleaning and disinfecting. My wife changes clothes and showers when she comes home from work. We use disinfecting gel and wash our hands all the time.

So far the Primeminister has given a small hope of a partial reopening after Easter 🐣 which is in 10 days from now. I foresee that things will get crazier before they get better.

Yes, I know what you mean. How are you coping with all the craziness currently?

Well we are watching the news all the time off course, and following the number of infection cases and deaths rise day by day. Looking with awe at Italy 🇮🇹 😢 and thinking the Swedes are gambling 🎰 it big time. We keep tightening our own personal habits day by day. Going out less and less, I almost feel like a 6 month trip to Mars being confined in our 4th floor apartment. Markets are all over the place, so I have by and large just closed my eyes 👀 and decided to maintain the long term capital accumulation strategy of placing money 💰 💴 in the stock marked. So I keep throwing money at that. Homeschooling wise, I have almost given up on the middle one and will just place my hope in the oldest and youngest. Personal habits are slipping by the day, drinking more alcohol 🍷 🍺, eating more crap, and exercising less and less.

Thank you 🙏 very much for all the insights Minimal5 Dad. Lastly I would like to ask if you have any insights you might want to share to others who is having it coming?

Well, as you know three things are very dear to me; financial independence, climate change and minimalism. And in this Age of Corona I really have to say that it is of the utmost importance that every single individual tries their best to achieve a desired level of financial independence. It really takes a lot of strains off your shoulders when you have to look at unemployment figures that goes +10M ballistic in 14 days. Also, apparently the best thing – for now – to drive through some very welcome climate change seems to be a global pandemic. It has seemingly achieved what we and our politicians have not been able to do for the last many years. Currently we are seeing 20M bbl of oil demand destruction or day, and blue skies in India 🇮🇳. It really is unheard of, but very welcome. I am actually tempted to name 2019 the year of Peak Oil.

But on the minimalism side, I really have to say, that being home 🏡 for 23 days it really becomes clear to me that we have not minimized enough. We definitely have to do an additional Marie Condo on our kids toys 🧸 very very soon. – we need the space for face masks and disinfecting gel.

Gods speed to all of you out there.


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