A low cost – eco friendly – and analog vacation activity !

Is it really possible you ask? And the answer is – YES.

As you might have guessed, it is that time of year, where I am on 24 hour Dad duty, aka the much awaited family vacation.

This yearly blessing, where I get to unwind, and spend some quality time with my 3 boys, is undeniable also a high risk period, where the risk of idling in the couch with a couple of iPads is very high indeed.

Think 🤔 god dammit, think. What can we do to activate the kids this year?

One good suggestion for spending some time together is to visit a local organic farm and hand pick/ harvest your own crops. That is exactly what we did today. All three boys joined us in the strawberry 🍓 fields and in almost no time we were up to 6 kg, of really really delicious 😋 freshly picked strawberries.

Desert tonight is definitely strawberries with fresh cream and sugar on top.

Some will be frozen for later use.

Some will be made in to home made marmalade.

Some will be made in to strawberry lemonade.

Hmm, I guess we will have to go one more time to the farm.

Have a nice vacation out there.


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