Mid Year balance sheet reflections

 Its been a while since my last update, I know, but finally found some time to sit down and do a proper Net Worth update at end of July.

Not really that hard or anything, it just requires a bit of data collection across all of our family’s various collections of wealth.

 Looking at the excel sheet, I see the last update was way back in February, so actually quite interesting to see how we have been fairing.

So – starting with the asset side, – I have put down our apartment at unchanged value of around 633k USD. Vacation house and investment in a real estate fund also roughly unchanged. My two solar investments have been turned up a bit, as the published financial statements had the book value increase a bit.

Our listed stocks currently comes to 226k USD. It has been going up quite ok since February. Not so much because of gains, but more because we have been committing money towards it. Saved money from wages, bonus money in April, wife’s overtime payments, and reinvested dividends, as well as money from Airbnb.


 Retirement funds totaling at 515k USD, again primarily due to added savings, and roughly unchanged to slightly positive returns on investment.

Bank account currently at 13k USD, but just bought Johnson and Johnson a couple of days ago for 4.5k.

Turned the value of car down a bit to just below 32k.

Totally, all assets come to just under 2m USD. This is partly due to all the positive additions across the various assets, but also a gain in the conversion from DKK to USD seeing that it has gone from 6.78 which I used last time in February to now 6.31.

This is where I paused and basically just sat and stared at the excel sheet. 2m USD. WOW. Not one. Not one point something, but almost 2m USD. 2m USD under management.

I know it’s not the full equation, as there is a bit of liabilities as well, in the form of long term debt. Looked up the number – 115k USD it comes to.


 Hmm, only 1.875k USD then in equity. Oh well 😔 it’s almost 2. The big 2. We’ll get there.

Sat for a while more, looking at the number; 1.875. Or almost 12m DKK.


 This is usually the point where hybrid sets in for me. How fast are we accumulating? What was the number when I did the first summary? Where will we be next year? In two years?

Turns out, that in May 2019 we were at roughly 10.2 DKK. Almost 250k USD added in 14-15 months.

It is starting to look very possible to reach the 2m USD mark by year end. Now that would be something to celebrate 🎉

Remember to play the long game!


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