Long time no see…

Corona came and went, and I completely lost interest in updating my blog. Sad though.

However, I am still here, Minimal5 mom is also still here, and the kids are getting bigger.

On a personal note, I decided to start my own consulting / advisory company roughly a year and a half ago. It’s been great, more income into a limited company structure, less tax and actually more freedom. 😆 it’s all good. Spend a long time with a single client, then 3 months between “jobs” and currently back with a new customer.

Will probably do a more in-depth post on these personal ventures another time. FIRE 🔥 wise, we have added significantly to net worth, and even currently we are up roughly 1,8% for the year.

Will see if I get more time to start blogging again. Please do like and follow – keep safe out there


2 thoughts on “Long time no see…

  1. Congrats with your side business as a consultant! More freedom is worth it 😀 Glad to see you’re back to writing a little on the blog. All the best


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