Binding climate law in Denmark – read all about it.

In an excellent turn of events in the fairy tale land of Hans Christian Andersen, last nights developments on "Capitol hill" saw a broad agreement being reached between 6 danish political parties, which will put in to law a binding climate agreement. The agreement reached between the socialist folks party, social democrats, social liberal democrats, … Continue reading Binding climate law in Denmark – read all about it.

Family minimalism – How to?

It's funny how you sometimes get an idea 💡 for a blog post that you don't quite know where will end up when you are done. I recon this post will be such one. My chain of thoughts were actually triggered this morning, where I was woken up by my wife and two oldest, as … Continue reading Family minimalism – How to?

High asset prices and the effect on our kids?

Who would have thought that being benched for 3 1/2 hour on an airplane seat would lead to a minimalistic/financial independent blog post. Nonetheless that is what happened yesterday. I was in the middle seat, with my oldest on the right and middle one on the left. It got pretty boring, so at one point … Continue reading High asset prices and the effect on our kids?

Vacating with the in-laws (MiL,FiL +++)

Almost thought about naming this blog post - how to swallow your pride, in order to save a few bucks. But as you have guessed by now then, from the title and follow up, I am going on vacation with the in-laws. Only 7 days away now. Sigh. 😔 I am not an ungrateful middle-aged … Continue reading Vacating with the in-laws (MiL,FiL +++)

Climate change action – the Minimal5 way

School strikes are all the rave these days. Ms Thunberg set sail over the Atlantic, to participate and speak at the climate strike event in NY yesterday. It got me thinking about what we are doing in the Minimal5 family, in order to help battle climate change, and if we are indeed doing enough. When … Continue reading Climate change action – the Minimal5 way