Long time no see…

Corona came and went, and I completely lost interest in updating my blog. Sad though. However, I am still here, Minimal5 mom is also still here, and the kids are getting bigger. On a personal note, I decided to start my own consulting / advisory company roughly a year and a half ago. It’s been … Continue reading Long time no see…

Mid Year balance sheet reflections

 Its been a while since my last update, I know, but finally found some time to sit down and do a proper Net Worth update at end of July. Not really that hard or anything, it just requires a bit of data collection across all of our family's various collections of wealth.  Looking at the … Continue reading Mid Year balance sheet reflections

The Germans are coming…and other Covid-19 related PF news

Everyday life is slowly returning here in Copenhagen. The whole family is now back in the rat 🐀 race. Still keeping distance, not taking public, and still haven't been out for dinner 🥘. Tomorrow, we are invited over to a couple of friends though, so we'll see how that goes. More importantly thought, summer time … Continue reading The Germans are coming…and other Covid-19 related PF news

Personal finance decisions during COVID-19

Lean back everybody, and hold on, cause we are about to embark on a bumpy ride. Trying to build that perpetual money machine that will allow you to reap the yields of the capitalist markets has not been that easy so far this year. What started out, as just a continuation of last years calm … Continue reading Personal finance decisions during COVID-19

6 reasons why it is so hard to choose Early Retirement

With my net worth pushing incrementally higher and higher for every month that passes and the resulting transfer of wage slave money 💰 to the stock market, a new set of reflections are starting to set in. What will I eventually use my soon to be financial independence for? What is it that I am … Continue reading 6 reasons why it is so hard to choose Early Retirement

I would rather pull my own nose hair

Well, that’s obviously 🙄 not a very S E O friendly headline that will be bringing in a whole lot of algorithmic google traffic. It will be some creepy dudes googling nose hair. Thing is, it turned out to be just one of those days. Had to bring the car 🚗 to the auto repair … Continue reading I would rather pull my own nose hair

How to choose experiences over consumption of stuff

We had an "action packed" weekend coming up this weekend. The oldest had a soccer match saturday, we had a house warming Saturday at my sister in law, and the the Grand Finale, a romantic getaway from Sunday to Monday. Immediately my mind spins into a cost controlling state. A present 🎁 for the hosts … Continue reading How to choose experiences over consumption of stuff

My financial goals for 2020

The vision is clear 💯- financial independence and potential early retirement. Or at least having the choice of an early retirement. The strategy is clear 🎯- trim costs, keep savings rate high and invest, invest, invest. The tactics is clear 💡- conservative dividend paying stocks (listed and unlisted), activating assets to yield additional income. The … Continue reading My financial goals for 2020

Dividend Portfolio – Ultimo year status and 2020 outlook

Portfolio status for 2019, outlook for 2020 and evaluation of strategy.  2019 is coming to an end, and what is better then to look back and evaluate and then look forward and confirm/renew your strategy. The Minimal5 portfolio - which is the one that will bring me to FIRE - is currently standing at 2.837.211 … Continue reading Dividend Portfolio – Ultimo year status and 2020 outlook

Family minimalism – How to?

It's funny how you sometimes get an idea 💡 for a blog post that you don't quite know where will end up when you are done. I recon this post will be such one. My chain of thoughts were actually triggered this morning, where I was woken up by my wife and two oldest, as … Continue reading Family minimalism – How to?

“Passive” income from blogging – I’m killing it !

If you are a recurrent reader of this blog, you would have run in to one of my monthly blogging updates where I try to share some insights and learnings from my newbie/rookie blogging endeavors. Historically, ...well the last 5 updates or so...I have focused a lot on all my blogging/SoMe activities I have run … Continue reading “Passive” income from blogging – I’m killing it !

High asset prices and the effect on our kids?

Who would have thought that being benched for 3 1/2 hour on an airplane seat would lead to a minimalistic/financial independent blog post. Nonetheless that is what happened yesterday. I was in the middle seat, with my oldest on the right and middle one on the left. It got pretty boring, so at one point … Continue reading High asset prices and the effect on our kids?

The negative side effects of having debt

If you are a regular follower of this blog, then you will know that I have just spent a week vacating with the in-laws in beautiful Cyprus. You can read more on that here. So what is the most natural thing to do when you are on vacating ... well thinking 🤔 off course. I … Continue reading The negative side effects of having debt

Vacating with the in-laws (MiL,FiL +++)

Almost thought about naming this blog post - how to swallow your pride, in order to save a few bucks. But as you have guessed by now then, from the title and follow up, I am going on vacation with the in-laws. Only 7 days away now. Sigh. 😔 I am not an ungrateful middle-aged … Continue reading Vacating with the in-laws (MiL,FiL +++)

Yihaa…a new renter…passive income rules!

How excellent is that, just when you thought the Airbnb renting season for our vacation home had faded away, then I managed to get a mid October request, from a young German couple 🇩🇪 who wants to visit the northern part of Denmark 🇩🇰. Total for the 7 nights is around 500 USD 💵💵💵 I … Continue reading Yihaa…a new renter…passive income rules!

How to become a full time, stay at home, influential blogger in 2019.

Well, obviously not by doing what I am doing, and doing it within a personal finance/minimalistic blogging niche. 😉 But hey, now you are here, so please do read on. Even though there is progress, I have to say that I am still not where I want to be; namely as the most cited, most … Continue reading How to become a full time, stay at home, influential blogger in 2019.

The F*ck you account – net worth update #2.

Once in a while you have to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Why have I insisted in trimming down our fixed and variable cost in our household, why are we targeting a 50% savings rate, why are we actively plowing all of our proceeds into active investments. Why are we … Continue reading The F*ck you account – net worth update #2.

The death of animal spirit

It's a big world out there, and currently we are not anywhere near normal economic circumstances. Every day that goes by, and I keep reading more and more extreme economic and financial stories. Lately read, that the 100 year Austrian bond that was recently issued had gone parabolic, due to the ever falling interest level. … Continue reading The death of animal spirit

Being struck by minimalistic nemesis

Progress on our minimalistic journey is moving on slowly but steadily. We are saving where we can, doing a bit of recycling, up-cycling and what not. ~This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a commission~ My … Continue reading Being struck by minimalistic nemesis

Family Net Worth Update #1

Finally found the time to sit down and do a proper calculation of the net worth. I will be aiming to update it monthly going forward in order to properly track the progress of this financial independence barometer. It's actually quite a healthy exercise, to be so specific about your own personal net worth, and … Continue reading Family Net Worth Update #1

How I manage to blog with 3 kids and a full-time job

I know what you are thinking - this guy is a hoax, right. How can any one with a full time job, a wife and 3 kids, an apartment and a vacation home, find time to also run a blog? Finding time in a packed calendar can be a difficult task, and building out a … Continue reading How I manage to blog with 3 kids and a full-time job

The financial status – part 1

No reason to have a blog about financial independence with out providing some sort of financial overview of the blogger - right, so we might as well get to it. First a bit of background information about this blogger, so you have some sort of context to put it into. Basically, being "middle-aged" means that … Continue reading The financial status – part 1