Confessions of a shopaholic

Hi my name is xxx...and I am a shopaholic. I'll tell you, trying to combine a minimalistic approach to life with being a husband and father of three is not easy. Today I had to buy something, as tomorrow is our anniversary (12.5 year - big thing in Denmark) and half way to the silver … Continue reading Confessions of a shopaholic

My best reads on capital, investment, risk and uncertainty

It is only natural, as an economist, that I have a reasonable interest in capital. In understanding capital; how it is accumulated, shared, gained, won, put to active use, running idle, inherited, and eventually lost (by either you or your heirs). ~This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you … Continue reading My best reads on capital, investment, risk and uncertainty

What happened to those Micro Adventures

Remember some years back, when Micro Adventures we're suddenly a thing. I love the concept. It's great. But somehow it seems it was kinda forgotten again. I think the concept deserves to get a renaissance in these times of austerity and sustainable living. If you have followed my blog, by now you will know of … Continue reading What happened to those Micro Adventures

Homesteading on the 4th floor

When I grew up on the country side in rural 🇩🇰 Denmark 🇩🇰 both of my grandparents had rather large vegetable gardens. My father and mother also had a rather big one for many years. I love the concept of vegetable gardens. I love the whole concept of producing you own organic crops, eating vegetables … Continue reading Homesteading on the 4th floor

Saving carbon emission and money – the LED lightbulb

Numbers. There are big numbers and there are small numbers. There are financial numbers, and there are environmental numbers. Which are the more important ones. I am torn by this question. I want my financial freedom. I want to save money but I also want to save the environment. I think we all have a … Continue reading Saving carbon emission and money – the LED lightbulb

The financial status – part 2

Continuing from my last blog post about me and my family's income levels, and the tax rate in Denmark, let's use this update to dive into the current state of wealth for the little Minimal5 family. We currently live in a flat in downtown Copenhagen. It is a cooperative housing flat, which basically just means … Continue reading The financial status – part 2

The financial status – part 1

No reason to have a blog about financial independence with out providing some sort of financial overview of the blogger - right, so we might as well get to it. First a bit of background information about this blogger, so you have some sort of context to put it into. Basically, being "middle-aged" means that … Continue reading The financial status – part 1